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Itchy skin after shower

How to heal it? Her's my answer
I have the same issue (itchy skin after shower), not going to get into much detail so im going to give you the direct and COMPLETE REMEDY! So you wouldnt be scared to take showers, like i was.
- TAKE mulitimultimins, allergy medecine and/or antibiotics
- Use african black soap or morrocan black soap or argan oil base soap/shower gel. In a word, use soap dirived form natural essential oils (if u would like to know what kind, pleae inform me)
- MAINTAIN  healthy food diet and exercices
- WEAR clothing that is smooth on the skin
- Moiturize and massage your body after every shower with essentiel or natural oils (olive oil, argan oil, shea butter....) Give your self a little pampering, the itching will be a bit relieved
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Well, something has worked wonders for you - being a ripe old age of 109.

I don't use any soap at all.  Don't use any biological washing detergents and only use gentle fabric softeners.

Some foods can also trigger of itching as well as fungal infections, internal bacterial infections and getting old due to drying of the skin.

I take a bath with a couple of handfuls of oats, a few drops of lavender and some baby oil.  I use a mild baby bath wash.

Eating a healthy diet and lost of water definitely helps.
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LOL, a woman never revels her age.....! ;p

Just trying to help everyone out there with this HORRIBLE symptom and burden!! I have gone through so many so called 'miracle' products, till i got frustated! If anyone wants a review of any of the products 'anti-itching' i tested, please informe me!

I also used to use oatmeal, but to wash my face.
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Oh, and by the way, thank you for the helpful comment! c:
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identify the times when your body itches less after shower (morning, afternoon, night) it mostly the time when ur allergies are les and when ur mostly stressed out!
Shower with black african/morrocan soap (gel type not bar soap cuz it makes my body go crazyyy') or any time of soap/shower gel that has essential oils in it
Get multivitamins and check if u dont have a vitamin defiency or allergies; i take multivatamins and my allergie medecine before i shower and after i shower
Keep ur body clean from the inde; eat healthy, exercice, drink lots of water, fruits, veggies, you can even get fruit juices that have multivatimns in them
Find what kind of water makes ur body itch less; cols, very cold, hot, very hot (or me it is very very hot water)
Moisture your skin daily with any natural oil (coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil...)
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