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Itchy small blisters

For the past two years I have been getting the odd random very small blister either on my hand, arms, stomach, inside my mouth.  I would get one or two- itch them-they'd break- then go away.  Lately I've broken out again very randomly on my legs, arms,( randomly everywhere not in clusters) forehead (only one), three on my stomach, three to six on my hands.  My worst places are my legs and arms.  There are many spread all over from top to bottom.  They are very itchy and filled with a clear liquid.  The only relief from itching is when I spray them with a Lanicane spray.  They pop up without much warning.  The area gets very itchy and I will have at first what looks like a small bite then it will quickly form a small blister.  Right now for every one that seems to pop and start healing more appear.  On my upper arm I have two or three that are small but very close together.  I'm waiting right now to get in to see my family doctor which isn't for another week.  These blisters are driving me nuts and I'm worried about what they might be.  Help!
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This sounds like a streptococcal or staphylococcal infection. Breaks in the skin as in the case of insect bites or scratching the skin may cause colonization of the bacteria which may lead to an infection. For some patients who are atopic that is  they usually break out into dermatitic or eczematous rash, then it is possible that breaks on the skin caused by scratching may cause these blisters to appear.

You may need topical antibiotics for this. As bacterial infections are readily transmitted, then you may need oral medications if the condition is not controlled.

Avoid touching or manipulating the areas. Also, observe frequent handwashing.
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