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It's Not a Rash; What Could it Be?

It appeared on my hand, yesterday morning, after my arm and hand had fallen asleep; while I was asleep. At first, I thought it was just from me sleeping on it, and the impression from laying on it. It doesn't itch, have any pain, it's not raised, no bumps, or rash of any kind. It's now been there about 36 hours, and today seems to be covering a larger area, than the first day. Also, when I layed down last night; I felt some mild aching in my wrist, forearm, and elbow. I know I have neuropathy, and some herniated disc in the cervical area of my neck. Related to those problems, I have general numbness in my arm and fingers; and some occasional swelling in my hand.
First, is it possible this discoloration is related to my current medical conditions? If not, is it a dermatological problem or something else?
Please help. I don't have medical insurance and just want to make sure I look and seek help in the correct direction, instead of 1 doctor referring me to another, and so on.
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It seems to be a little better today. It didn't spread any further and the redness is beginning to lighten; but I'm still concerned over what it might be.
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I can tell you that sometimes, because nerves affect all sorts of things that if you've got anything that could be disrupting how the blood flows in the smaller vessels of your hand/arm  even if its for a short time, that could be the cause.

I have neuropathy in my back, but something odd w/the nerves in the hand on the same size my back hurts. if I lay or turn my hand a certain way my fingers go numb and on occasion i too have had a funny red mark similar to a rash that stayed for around 2 days and is normally on the side and palm of my hand.  I'm not sure what it would be called medically but I have had it happen to me.... the aching and stuff too but it's usually from laying on it too much! :)   As long as it's going away and doesn't reappear or as long as it's not causing you problems or any other symptoms I'd say your alright. If it reappears and starts giving you any symptoms, burning, itching, swelling, etc. get in to your GP to get seen and get a referral and you can always bring it up to your GP because they do deal with a few dermatological things in their day to day stuff.
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I also have neuropathy and numerous other spinal conditions. I have several herniated disc in the cervical area also. I have numbness quite often, and have lost some strength in this hand, along with loss of grip. Those are things I deal with on a normal basis. This was different. It wasn't numbness, my arm was actually asleep; then when the discoloration appeared, it concerned me a little. I looked for articles and similar pics, online, for hours; and couldn't find anything. So I figured why not make a post and see if anyone had a similar situation.
I don't have an actual GP, cause of no insurance, but I see a pain management doctor every month, and plan to talk with him about it at my next appointment. I wanted to find out, before then, if it could be dermatological or related to something else, since I don't see him for another 10 days.
Thanks for the reply. With the lack of other symptoms I wasn't too worried, but anytime your body starts changing colors, for no given reason, it makes you concerned; at least it does me.
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