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I've recently had small light brown/tan patches appearing on my stomach, what are they?

For a few months now, I've been having these fairly small, light patches (though darker than my skin) appearing on my stomach. At first there were only a couple, but I've noticed recently that I know have quite a few more. I've counted, and I think I have around eight of them. They're all across my stomach, a couple grouped together. I'm 14 years of age and rarely go in the sun, but my stomach never gets tanned and is quite pale. I never wear shirts that rise high, either.
What are they?
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Forgot to mention, I'm female and the patches cause no skin irritation.
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Tinea versicolor or pityriasis versicolor is a common skin infection caused by the yeast Malassezia furfur (formerly termed Pityrosporum ovale). This yeast is normally found on the human skin and only becomes troublesome under certain circumstances, such as a warm and humid environment.
This presents as pale, dark tan, or pink spots, with a reddish undertone that can darken when the patient is overheated, such as in a hot shower or during/after exercise .
In people with dark skin tones, pigmentary changes such as hypopigmentation (loss of color) are common, while in those with lighter skin color, hyperpigmentation (increase in skin color) are more common.
Topical antifungal medications - containing either 2.5% selenium sulfide or 2% ketoconazole (Nizoral ointment and shampoo) applied to dry skin and washed off after 10 minutes, repeated daily for 2 weeks will help resolve it.
Recurrence is common and may be reduced by intermittent application of topical agents (such as tea tree oil) or adding a small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo to water used for bathing.
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I'm a 14 year old female as well, and the same thing is happening to me. My mom noticed it today and asked me what these spots were and I had no clue, I mean I had never seen them. I know it's not good to online diagnose or get worked up but I can't help it. I am very worried and scared. Could you please explain those big words (haha) and tell me what I should do, explain what's happening and tell me if I should be worried?  
Thanks :)
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hello grace i am a 15 year old male and i am having the same issue, please let me know if you resolved the issue and tell me how to get rid of it
The same thing is happening to me too I’m 12 though my dad says it’s a heat thing but I’ve had it since the end of 2017 I had one on my neck when I was younger but my mum scrubbed it off so I tried it with the one on my belly and it went bright red and stayed there. Recently my sister told me it’s all down my back aswell as my belly so I’m going to the doctors about it I will inform u in a thew months about it what the doctor said
Don't be scared i'm 12 and i have 2 brown dots on my stomach
i’m a 14 year old female and i gained a spot on my wrist recently after i was in the sun all day. so i googled it and melasma is what popped up. it can be caused by many things like being in the sun too long and pregnancy but it is completely normal and harmless. if it starts to itch i would go to a doctor
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