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Junctional Dysplastic Clarks Nevus

Dear Forum Expert:

I recently had a Junctional Dysplastic Clarks Nevus removed from the top of my ear.  My Dermatologist wants me to see and ENT or Plastic Surgeon to have more cut out.  How concerned should I be about this mole.  Having it cut out will disfigure my ear and I am not super thrilled about it.  I have had lots of A-Typical Compound Nevus in the past but according to my chart this is the 1st "Clarks"

Should I return to the Dermatologist for another "look-see" to see of other moles look odd?
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Moles are flat or elevated, flesh coloured to dark-brown markings located randomly over the entire skin surface. Moles can become malignant (melanoma) requiring removal.
DYSPLASTIC MOLES are usually larger, have an irregular border and perhaps an uneven colour. These types of moles possibly convert to melanoma more frequently than a normal mole. The presence of several dysplastic moles indicates an increased risk of melanoma developing somewhere on the individual's skin.
Precursors of Cutaneous Melanoma is Atypical Melanocytic Nevus (Dysplastic Nevus; Clark's Nevus).
Precursors of melanoma are lesions that are benign per se but have the potential of turning malignant and thus giving rise to melanoma.
AMN usually arise in  late childhood. New lesions continue to develop over many years in affected persons. AMN are thought not to undergo spontaneous regression at all or at a much less rate than the other precursor types.
You should look for a change in size,shape,color or surface of a mole and report any immediately.
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