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Just prescribed Aldara

I was just prescribed Aldara cream for my genital warts and have a couple of questions.

1) My doctor told me to apply the cream all over the shaft of my penis & around the scrotum area - in order to help treat sub-clinical warts.  Everything from the instructions on the cream to my reading on the internet says "apply directly to the warts and avoid contact with skin around the warts"  What is your advice?

2) My doctor also told me to apply it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - then take the rest of the week off.  This also contradicts what the directions say (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  Should I do it?

3) Obviously, a lot of people are having redness, swelling, itching, & pain as side effects.  I read on another forum that if you apply Vitamin A&D the next day after you wash off the cream that it may help ease the pain a little, your thoughts?

4) While I was at my doctor, he treated me for an outbreak by freezing them.  Should I wait for this to heal before starting my treatment with Aldara?

Thank you for your time and professional advice.
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My advice os to put in on the region where the warts are, even if this involves some skin between.  I would do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Any moisturizing cream wil help, and you may not get as much irritation as you expect.  I suggest you wait till the scabs come off the treated warts, and then apply the Aldara to whatever's left.


Dr. Rockoff
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