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Two days ago I noticed a quarter dollar sized hard knot under my skin on my lower inner leg, just below my calf.  The knot doesn't have any puncture wounds and I didn't bump or bruise my leg on anything.

What could it be?

The spot has a slight reddish tint and is sore to the touch.

Help please!!!
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This kind of sore can be due to a boil or infected hair follicles or swollen lymph node. Apply warm compresses on the boil and keep the area clean.Drainage of the boil is done only when it becomes soft and forms a head.Take some over the counter pain reliever and consult a doctor for examination and antibiotics prescription.

If the symptoms persist then swollen lymph node and erythema nodosum need to be ruled out. Hope it helps.Take care and regards.
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Thank you kindd

the sore on my leg doesnt have a head or open area. the knot is beneath my skin (no apparent opening to area)

would that still be considered a boil or infected hair follicles or swollen lymph node?

Thanks for replying again
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I have a knot under the skin    worried it is something bad wrong    what could it be?
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