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Keyloid scar

is anyone know how can make keyloid scar unnoticeable??..
after i get the keyloid scar i feel so depressed because its look so ugly and i cannot wear any cloth that i want....
please let me know if someone can give me advise to make keylois unnoticeable using traditional method or i can get easily or use daily....besides the steriod injection,surgery...laser treatment and some treatment method ....
please....give a fast response.....

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Whenever I have had surgery, so that scar tissue doesnt form...I always get a vitamin E capsule, ***** it with a pin, rub the oil over the scar and massage it into the scar (making sure it isnt too sore or too soon after the surgery).
Massage seems to keep the scar tissue away...doing it gently with your thumb.
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I had a keloid scar on my leg after having a pre-cancerous mole taken off. Due to my being fair skinned, it is common to get keloid scarring. It is also common for people of very dark skin to get it also.
  The best thing is, if it is really bothering you by being itchy and lumpy is to get a cortisone injection into the site of the scar. It worked miracles on mine.
You will only need the injection once.
Vitamin E creams work, but take time. If you want it gone urgently then go get the injection.
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I used a vitamin E gel on my scars. I applied it through out the day as well as after showering.

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Red...its the pure vit. E capsules that you swalllow that I have always used , not the useless creams.
I just burst one open each time with a pin and massage the gooey oil into the scar.
There are a number of solutions to the keloid scar.

Rebecca...maybe trying the injection may be worthwhile if it is bothering you that much.
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There are several treatment options available for the keloid scar treatment like mederma (allium cepa), natural treatments like mucin from the snail helix, moist wound dressings made of silicone gel which decreases the prominence of keloid scar over sometime, steroid injections, compression bandages, cryosurgery, and radiation & laser therapy. Surgery can also be done but the recurrence rate is up to 50% and the recurrent scar which develops is actually much bigger in size. Remember that no treatment is 100% effective.

I would suggest a clinical examination done by a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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thanks so much  for your suggestion..u mean before the scar form??...hmmm.....my scar already form..too late..look like nothing can be done....if i know earlier the method then i can prevent the keyloid scar form....so sad....^^
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