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Lack of Sweat, Body overheating, Itchy & Rash spreading all over body.

My body has stopped sweating for nearly 2 weeks now.
5 days ago i started to get unwell. Get hot, itching & rash. I have lack of sweat when exposed to heat or strenuous exercise. Body has lost ability to regulate body temperature.I have a rash. When i am active or trying to keep warm my body gets very hot, rash gets worse & spreads more each time & very itchy. Can only control hot flushes, rash & itching by being cold or having cold baths. Very thirsty all the time, worse when hot. Drinking lots of water. Body is cooler by day but when evening comes my body gets hot, itchy & rash . Can't sleep at night due to this.
I have been doctor twice! First doctor thought it was Hives but i know its not cos my son has Hives & i know what it look likes & the symtoms. Second doctor says its a viral infection but do not know what causing it & don't know what the rash is. I am Lactose Intolerance & my doctor gave me Loratadine to take for medication, it contains Lactose & now i am having a upset stomach & stomach pains from taking this. I believe i have been diagnosed wrong! I believe i have Anhidrosis. I have been telling the doctors this but no one listening to me! I know my own body & what symptoms i am experiencing. The symptoms i am experiencing matches that of Anhidrosis. Please help me! I am worried that i will get worse & go on to have a heatstroke & die.
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Post -miliarial hypohidrosis. Would settle in a week or two. Apply talc, and course of vit C. Do consult Doc.
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