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Large Pus-filled Bump on Back with Painful Root

Hello.  For the past year or so I have had a lump on the left side of my back between the inside of my shoulder blade and my spine.  It has never hurt, and I have even seen the doctor about it before, and he said it was more than likely a cyst, and that it would go away on it's own after a while.  It is (or was) about the size of a dime, and was able to move around under the skin when pushed a little bit (ended up back in the same position though).  It is/was not discolored, and just looked like someone put a small marble under my skin there.  My mother is currently staying with me for a couple weeks since she is coming over from Germany to spend some time with me, and she just happens to LOVE popping pimples (don't ask).  I had just gotten out of the shower and noticed that the "cyst" had come to a head, and appeared to be a giant pimple now.  My mother saw this and decided to have a field day with it.  I was kind of worried at first, but sure enough LOTS of pus started coming out.  It didn't hurt when she was squeezing it, as most of my normal pimples do when popped.  But yea, there was a LOT of pus, stringy sometimes, more difficult to get out towards the end of it (I'm assuming because it had been there for a long time), and it had a bad odor she said.  She was working at it for a long time, maybe half an hour or so.  The next night, she finished it up and got to what she thought was the root.  She couldn't push it out, so she grabbed a pair of tweezers to pull it out.  The thing is, when she pulled, it REALLY hurt, and I mean badly.  I'm not sure if she accidentally grabbed the skin too, but it hurt bad, and she tried it several times.  Does anyone know what this could be or what I should do?
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Anyone at all?
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Its folliculitis a bacterial skin infection that effects the hair follicle and can spread area to area. See a doctor he will likely give you a low dose anti-biotic over several months and tell you to use a warm compress on them.
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Dang. I have same problem but not a German mother with scary tweezers! Haha.
Thanks for sharing that.  I have been wanting to know what that is. It smells. One time my girlfriend (stiill with me) squeezed it and the puss flew and splattered on the wall about 6 ft away like a rocket.  I even feel it. She was utterly grossed out.  Poor girl. The end.  
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