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Large skin flakes with hairs still attached to them keep falling out of my scalp.

Please help! Large skin flakes with hairs still attached to them keep falling out of my scalp. The hairs cannot be easily plucked from the skin flakes and they appear healthy and normal. There are sometimes even 6-7 hairs on one flake that are about 6 mm in diameter. I'm 25 year old male Caucasian. I don't use hair-colour, blow-dryer nor anything for hairstyling. I comb it very gently but I still keep on finding these hair chunks with skin falling out. My scalp isn't itchy, I don't have dandruff, I use mild shampoos and I've tried some anti-dandruff shampoos but nothing help. It's been a year and a half I still keep finding these hairy skin flakes every other day. I haven't find any blood crusts on scalp either.
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Neem shampoo may help you.  My boyfriend and I love Theraneem shampoo.  
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I had my anal tag removed 5 weeks ago and knock on wood, I can't be more  pleased. The complete recovery takes 3 to 6 months, because the location of  surgery. The first couple weeks after the surgery is difficult but not to bad. Must keep the stool soft so that you don't irritate it.

After surgery the area will look worst than before but don't be alarmed, it will get better day after day. So, I do recommend to do the surgery, but you have to be patient and follow the post surgery steps.

I hope this helps.
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