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Lichen Planus?

I have a small lesion on the head of my penis.  Just a small raised area of whitish discoloration.

I tested negative for all STDs.

After hours of worrying and researching on the internet, I am about 99% sure this is Lichen Planus.

I also have some tongue symptoms which can also be caused by Lichen Planus.

For some reason... my Doctors have decided not to diagnose me with anything yet.  They just tell me to "keep an eye on it".  Probably because my symptoms are not too severe.

ANYWAY I do have a question...

Can Lichen Planus affect the shaft of the penis?

All pictures I have seen of Lichen Planus only show it affecting the head of the penis.  But I have had some mystery symptoms affecting the underside shaft of my penis.

I will develop small lumps under the skin.  The skin on the surface then becomes fragile and easily rubbed off revealing raw flesh.  These take about 3 weeks to heal and usually only develop 1 lesion at a time.

Please note I have been tested for herpes 2 times and both were negative.

I DID have an outbreak of HPV genital warts which cleared up about 6 months ago.  Perhaps this is an HPV symptom?

At this point I am very confused and my Doctors have been little help.  They keep telling me to "keep an eye on it".  But I would like some answers at this point and hopefully some treatment.

Sorry for blabbing... but again my main question is...

Can Lichen Planus affect the shaft of the penis?  Or is this more likely to be caused by HPV?

Thank you so much for ANY advice possible.
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Lichen planus is an itchy papular eruption characterized by its violaceous color. It is mostly found on glans rather than shaft of penis. To confirm the diagnosis, please get a biopsy skin done from a physician. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
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Just reading your posting and it seems as if you may have more than one thing affecting you.  The issues on your shaft may most likely be the HPV appearing again, unfortunately there is nothing to resolve that or you could simply have eczema dermatitis.  

I get eczema on my penis in the winter and it starts off as a dry patch that itches and then exposes raw flesh.  If I don't treat it, it will continue to itch and may or may not go away but with some desonide cream though it clears up in days.  The whitish raised area doesn't seem to be herpes, so for now don't worry about herpes since that isn't how it presents itself.  

I know to you this is freaking you out because this is your penis we are talking about but medically speaking (to doctors) there is no great concern or life threatening situation so that is why they dismiss it so easily.  Secondly, doctors’ opinions of STDs from what I've seen are very negative and condescending.
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Yeah... at this point i just want answers.

I actually went to the Doctors a couple days ago and basically demanded some cream for Lichen Planus and what do you know?  it seems to be working!!!  the whitish lesion on my penis head is shrinking and flattening out before my eyes.  And it has been there for about 4 months straight.  I guess sometimes you need to tell the doctors whats wrong with you and spell it out for them or they will have you running around in circles with no answers.

The cream doesnt seem to be affecting the current lesion i have on my shaft however.  Could be too early to tell buuut i think the shaft symptoms are most likely viral id say.  hpv or maybe herpes... idk.  but i would love to at least be able to know so i can inform any future relationships i may be involved with ahead of time.  so i plan on returning to the doctors in the near future and maybe after they see i was right about the Lichen Planus... they will listen to my other theories a little bit more and be less condescending!!!
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:Hi, I know you posted this more than a couple years ago. But I believe I could have lichen planus on the head of my penis. I am experiencing the same thing doctors not knowing what they're looking at telling me its nothing or a mild case of dermatitis. I know my penis and what it used to look like and what happened (see my post). Anyways everything I have searched online tells me i have lichen planus. I was wondering what cream your doctor gave you? What did you end up using? how is it today?
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