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Lip red, burning, cuts, and more. I'm in so much pain

Heres my story:
December 2013, I started experiencing dry lips and a little part of the top of my lip would be extra dry and the skin would fall off. I started using chapstick (which I never needed before in my life) and it helped for a bit. I think it was the cold weather that caused it.

Coming into 2014, my lips started to become more dry, even with chapstick put on. Not only my lip, but the area around my lip too. I tried hydrocortisone, vaseline, blistex, and I used aveeno lotion for my face. My lips would still hurt, but I could fully open my mouth without too much pain. I could brush and eat without pain. I could visit the dentist/orthodontist without worrying about the pain of opening my mouth.

Coming into 2015, I would start to get cuts on the side of my mouth. They're very painful and I cannot open my mouth at all. It would hurt to brush or eat. However, this would go away within a few days but would come back in a month or so. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me with desonide cream. It would help me in the mornings when I would wake up with really dry and flaky lips.

Midway/Towards the end of 2015. I'm experiencing so much pain, I cannot concentrate on anything but the pain. The cuts on the side of my lips would come back in 1-2 weeks and would like up to a week. I brush my teeth as quick as I can because I cannot stand the burning pain. I eat about twice a day because it also hurts to eat just about anything that touches my lip.
I recently went to a dermatologist and I got skin patch testing. I had to wait a week for my insurance to go through and in the mean time, he told me to use aquaphor.
I tried aquaphor for about 2 days and immediately stopped. The first night, I applied overnight and when I woke up to take it off (brush my teeth, and I'm not going to school with a lather of ointment on my lip) and I immediately feel burning, more than I ever have. Also, when the aquaphor is off, my lips are constantly wet and burning. I try to put burts bees chapstick on but my lip is too wet for it to stay on. I would wipe my lip and the wetness comes right back.
I don't know what is causing the aquaphor to do this to me.
So results come in from the patch test and
Turns out, I'm allergic to several different chemicals such as propylene glycol, which is found in the desonide cream I used and a bunch of other stuff. I'm also allergic to nickel, cobalt, and another ingredient found in almost ALL shampoos.

So, I went shopping and purchased new toothpaste, shampoo, everything that I use on a daily basis that does not contain anything I'm allergic to. I even purchased a humidifier for my room
It's been almost 2 weeks since I've carefully avoided those allergins and my lip is not getting any better. It's about the exact same as before.
My lips burn and I currently have two cuts on the side of my lips. Icing my lips seems to help for a short time.
My lips are not dry, however they still hurt a whole lot and when I try to stretch my lips or open them or even TALK, it burns and feels dry, even though I just lathered on a whole lot of chapstick. My lips are constantly red and the outlining of my lips are even more red.

Any help is much appreciated. I'm in so much pain, I cannot concentrate on school. All I think about 24/7 is my lips. I would wake up and cannot fall back asleep because of the pain.

I do drink A LOT of water in hopes that it will help my lips. So far, it's not. I took off my braces toward the end of 2014 and have been wearing clear/plastic retainers ever since.

Summary of things I have tried on my lips in order:
-Blistix chapstick (helped during the 2013 pain, but now it just stings it even more)
-hydrocortisone cream and ointment (would help while it's on for a little, but turns out I'm allergic to an ingredient in it)
-Vaseline and the vaseline lip balm (helped me a lot through 2014 but now also just makes my lip burn)
-Burts Bees Honey chapstick (I still use this chapstick as it soothes a little bit of pain)
-Desonide, prescribed by my doctor (helped me in the mornings when my lips are super dry and flaky, but also turns out I'm allergic to the propylene glycol used inside this cream)
-Burts Bees medicated chapstick (I barely apply any on, but it helps because it numbs my lip and I'd rather live with numbed lips than the burning lips I have now)
-Aquaphor (would help only if it's on 24/7. As soon as it's off, the pain is 3x worse. My lips turn constantly wet because of aquaphor, which keeps me up at night, even the following day I stopped using it.)

Please, the pain is almost causing me to tear every time I try to talk or brush my teeth or eat.
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