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Lips feel raw all the time

Hi I’m 18 and I have been having a problem with my lips for a few months. It started as a few bumps around the vermillion border of my lip, which escalated to a staph infection. It was cleared up by antibiotics, however two weeks later I woke up and it began to become infected with staph again to the point where I could not talk. That cleared up again with more antibiotics, but another week later I woke up with the inside of my bottom lip and the middle of my top lip raw and very red. I tested negative for HSV twice, and I also tested negative for autoimmune diseases, and vitamin deficiencies. I also got a patch test for allergies to determine if it is contact dermatitis but that was negative as well. My lips are stil irritated and not normal, and there appears to be little red dots all over the part that is irritated (you can easily see with a light shining directly on it). What is wrong!! Anybody have any ideas?
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I had the same issue and dermatologist diagnosed  it dermatitis. Its not dermatitis . Its either bacterial infection (impetigo) you need antibiotics.  Or it can be fungus infection , you can use over the counter Canesten  2% ( i used the vaginal canesten and the oozing yellow went away and my lips are back to normal) use it for 1 week and stop
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