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Little Red Bumps all over chest

My whole life I have had rashes come and go..  In the past three years of my life I have noticed rashes becoming quite frequent.  I am 21 going on 22 so I am young.  I have red little bumps that cover my chest, breasts, neck, shoulders, and a little on my upper back.  I also am getting some red bumps on my face and some of the bumps are white puss filled and some are not.  They are not itchy... I have a headache when I get this usually.  A couple of years ago it used to just be on my face and now it shows up more on my chest than anywhere.  Generally it never covers my stomach/extremities or anything like that.  I recently took pictures of it because I am not sure what to do.  I have seen doctors in the past who suspected Lupus but they say its not a butterfly rash so it can't be plus the blood test never checks out.  Doctors have always blamed it on stress or allergic reactions.  When I take benedryl, not always does it go away.  I just had this rash last week for like 3 days and now its back again.  I am not sure what to think, feel, or do because I am just feeling out of options and doctors make me feel like I am crazy.  I have pictures for proof!!  What could it be??  General blood tests show everything is okay!
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It is good that blood tests have been clear. If you have used a certain anti-histamine for a long time it may become less effective, so change to a different brand like Piriton or Clarityn. Keep a diary of what you eat to see if this has any connection to the rash. Use gentle products on your skin like those by Eucerin, Oiltum or E45. If you experience swelling of the lips, tongue or fingers, or difficulty breathing get medical help as allergies can be dangerous. If your doctor is not sympathetic find one who is, or see a dermatologist. The thing that concerns me is the concurrent headache you mention, please let me know what the doctor says about this? Loiloi x
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I went to an Urgent Care and they think it may be Rosacea or Lupus.  :(
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