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Long term effect from frostbite?

For years every winter the tips of my toes and especially my toe next to my baby toe swell and become really sensitive with any kind of temp change. My feet love to be cold. Like need an ice pack on them cold. Their fine in the summer. But winter... if they are warm at all it gets bad enough not too want to put shoes on. I don’t use my heater much as I live in CA and it doesn’t get that cold here. Doc said I may have had frostbite as a kid which doesn’t surprise me. My questions are: what can I do? Is this normal for long term effects of frostbite? Does anyone else suffer from this?
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Boy, I've had that freezing digit issue and it sure is uncomfortable! Severe frostbite is not something you wouldn't have noticed.  The more mild and moderate frost bite, possibly, could be overlooked at the time.  BUT, when it heals, pink skin covers until it is normal skin and people are usually recovered within 6 months after.  But, if it was bad enough and things didn't heal properly, I've read you can have permanent issues.  From this article:  https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/frostbite/treatment/  "After having frostbite, some people are left with permanent problems, such as increased sensitivity to cold, numbness, stiffness and pain in the affected area."  I read to not smoke or drink as it can constrict blood flow further and makes things worse and that they sometimes prescribe amitriptyline but that is more for pain.  
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