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Long term sufferer of Angular Cheilitis

For the last 10 or so years of my life I have been suffering from Angular Cheilitis. As I am still a teenager, the first 7/8 years of suffering I did not pay attention to but I am at the age now where it has really affected my life. Over the last two years I have been prescribed many anti-fungal and bacteria creams but nothing has worked. I've tried Hydrocortisone, Daktacort, Daktarin, Canesten and a few more that I can't remember. I have also tried the 'Dish Washing Soap' remedy that failed to work too. I have swithced to toothpaste without Fluoride and SFS which gave me some success but still remains to have cured my condition. One month ago I went to the dermatologist who told me to moisturise regularly with Aveeno (a natural moisturising cream) but has had little effect too. I have tried EVERYTHING yet I have never seen the cracks go away but I am genuinely lost now with what to do next. It has been a condition that I have been suffering with long enough and I just want rid of it now so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I also forgot to mention that I have had blood tests and I have perfect vitamin levels - no B12 deficiency etc
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The web links below gives information on how and why you get angular cheilitis.



Do you drool?  This may be what is causing your angular cheilitis.

I suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor again and suggest that a swab is taken from the corners of your mouth and for it to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Sometimes it may be a bacterial problem and sometimes a fungal one.  Sometimes it may be a bacterial and a fungal problem.  Getting a swab taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis will be able to identify whether this is a fungal, bacterial problem or caused by both.

Try not to touch your mouth with your hands and if you drool, wipe with a clean handkerchief or clean tissue paper.

Always wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating.  Always wash your hands after touching any animals.  And never kiss animals.
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Thank you for your response but these are sites I have already visited and taken note on. I stay as clean as possible and have avoided licking my lips and drooling for many years now. I've been prescribed both Bacterial and Fungal creams to combat both in the past but these have both failed to work however I will contact my doctor to ask about a swab test. Thank you for your suggestion but I really have tried everything that my doctor could think of.
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There is a possibility that you may not have used the medications that you were prescribed long enough.

Getting a swab done that would be sent to the laboratory for analysis, would show what type of bacteria or fungus that you have if there is any.   By the results of the swab, your doctor will be able to prescribe the appropriate medication for you.

Although your Vitamin B12 levels are fine, you may be lacking in some mineral or other vitamin.

Honey as well as coconut oil are good herbal remedies for most things.  Coconut oil is soil at room temperature and is a brilliant moisturiser and has other properties too.  It can also be eaten, used for cooking, spreading on bread and so on.
Perhaps you could get a small jar and see if it works for you.

I put some on my grandson's cracked lips and it worked really well.  Of course your problem is more than just cracked lips.  But as you have tried other things, it is worth having a go.
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The creams that I have been given were steroid based so it was only a maximum of two weeks that I was allowed to use them for but I am definitely going to contact my doctor about the swab test and there will be no harm in giving coconut oil a shot! Thanks again
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Steriod creams can thin the skin.

I would have thought that a cream that has antibacterial and antifungal properties would have worked better.  

No harm in trying the coconut oil.  I like to eat it off a spoon.  Although it is a transfat it is the only fat that does not change its composition with heat.

You could as an experiment try coconut oil on one side and honey on the other side.

When you purchase the coconut oil, make sure that you get a good quality virgin oil.  I purchase mine from the web from Amazon.  Shop around, you may find some in the herbal shop.

Hope that it will work for you.

Best wishes.
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