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Looks like chicken pox, but doc doesn't know

My 7 year old son has had been vaccinated against chicken pox.  Yesterday he presented with red bumps in the am, about 10 of them.  By the evening, he had about 20.  They had raised centers, but no obvious blistering.  He claimes that they do not itch and that 2 or 3 of them are sore.  He had about 5 more this morning when he woke up, so I took him to the doctor.  He saw a PA and he said he wasn't sure.  He said he was going to write it down as bug bites.  These "bug bites" are evenly distributed all over his body.  At the time we went in, he did not have any on his scalp although he had several on his face.  He has developed one on his scalp this evening.  The PA stated if he had chicken pox he should also have them on his scalp.  

My question is whether or not he could have chicken pox if he has had the vaccine and if he can have them without fever and malaise.  He is acting perfectly fine. He sais he feels fine.  He is not scratching at them and doesn't seem to be bothered by them at all.  He stated that I should go ahead and send him to school because even if he has chicken pox, all of the other kids have been vaccinated.  My take on that is that maybe they haven't and there may be an adult in there who hasn't and from what I understand it can be very dangerous for adults to contract the virus.  Should I send him to school?

Also, are there any other illnesses that could present with these symptoms?  

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I know that both of my kids had chicken pox almost 11 years ago. This was before they had the shots. My younger son now 13 got chicken pox again 2 months ago. The 2 nd time around they did not itch no temp and he felt fine. Yes he really had them 2 times!!! I could not send him back to school for a week Dr orders as well as our school. Hope this helps some.
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My grandaughter broke out in bumps, spreading all over her body two days before Christmas. I was visiting (Jacksonville, FL) at the time and these bumps "almost looked like chicken pox" (my three kids all had them) but we were not sure. We also suspected Chiggers, but they did not fit the pattern, partly because they were blisters that "broke easily" according to my grandchild. She went to a Naval ER (she was also visiting her dad for Christmas) after we found pus pockets in her throat. The Navy doc prescribed an antibiotic and oatmeal bath. When she returned to her home in Virginia on Jan 3, she was taken to her own physician. He could not diagnose her either. Said it was "some kind of a virus" and sent her home with more oatmeal bath stuff. There has been some itching but not a lot. No fever either. She had been inoculated for Chicken Pox. I see there are many, many posts on apparently the same problem. Has anyone had a culture taken of this and knows what it is??
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