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Lump from hematoma - Permanent?

10 months ago I hit my head, fractured my skull and a large hematoma formed on my forehead.

I was on vacation and they told me at the hospital that it needed to be drained within the next couple days.
My insurance wouldn't cover up the follow up visit to drain it.
So I cut my trip short and flew home. Went to the hospital here and they told me it will go away on its own.

Now it's 10 months later and I still have a lump there. It's still quite visible.
My head hurts often, specifically on that part of my head.
I'm also tired all the time and have trouble concentrating, though that could be because of an unrelated medical condition.

I went to see my doctor last month and he told me it can take up to a year to go away.
I look at it everyday and it seems like the lump is hardening (it was soft before) and hasn't been getting any smaller for the last 6 months.

I'm worried now it might be permanent, really hoping i'm not stuck with this large visible lump on my forehead for the rest of my life.
Is it still possible that it might go away on it's own?
If it's not going to go away on it's own, is there a procedure to have it removed?

Any help is appreciated.
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Please help. Stressing out about this.
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