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Lump on Leg


I am concerned about the existence of several lumps that have appeared on my legs.  I noticed one very recently on my left leg, about two to three inches inward from the crease where the leg meets the torso. It is about .5 of an inch in diameter.  It does not hurt, nor is it sore (for that matter it has never been sore). It may have existed in some capacity for some time, but I just didn’t pay much notice of it.  The feel or consistency is similar to a lump on my lower back; it is neither really soft nor hard, it feels like a small rubbery lump and you can push around with your fingers.  I also have one on the side of left leg, about 10 inches up from the knee. This one is smaller, but harder. In addition, I also have two on my right leg, about six inches up from my knee.

All of these lumps seem to have the same consistency; as my legs are taut and muscular; these lumps seem to be as well.  With the exception of the lump near my groin, all have been around for several years.  The lump two inches from the inguinal line concerns me because I am not sure if it is lymph node or something else.  I might add that all of these lumps seem to be directly below the skin.  Are groin lymph nodes only noticeable on the line where the torso meets the leg?

Any thoughts on what these might be?
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They don't sound of much consequence, probably collections of fat or fibrous tissue.  Even if they are lymph nodes, the fact that they're rubbery means they're unlikely to be of concern.  Of course, you can't know for sure what they are without being examined, so please arrange to have that done.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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WHo should I see a dermitologist?

Is the lump in the groin, a 2-3 inches off of the inguinal line most likely a lymph node?
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