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Lump under a mole

I've had a mole on the centre of the back of my neck since birth and I never gave it much thought.  As I'm getting close to 30 I figure I'd have it looked at just in case.  

I had a visit with a dermatologist where he looked at it and said it's just a regular ol' mole, don't worry about it, here's the ABCD's of a mole and have a nice day.  

So I get home and forget about it.  Then a few days later I was just touching the back of my neck when I felt a lump.  The lump is directly under the skin of the mole and is about about three times the diamater.  

I know the dermatologist already looked at it but the exam was real quick.  I'm almost positive he never touched it to feel the lump.

It doesn't itch, or bleed, and it doesn't hurt unless I squeeze it a little (the lump, not the mole).  Regardless, I'm already getting a bit anxious about it.  I'm going to schedule another appointment with my dermatologist but I won't get in for a few weeks.  

So, in the meantime I'm curious as to what this might be.  I can't say this lump has always been there but I also can't say I ever went touching the mole to check for lumps before either.  I'm just wondering if I should be scheduling a more urgent meeting with my dermatologist or not.  

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I'm confident that the lump is under the mole and has nothing to do with it--most likely it's a cyst under the skin that just happens to coincide with the mole.  Nothing to worry about.  Best to leave it alone and see the dermatologist when you can.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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