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Lump under skin pubic area (male 17)

There is an inflammation up and right of my penis ( just where the pubic hair is ending) that feels somewhat tough to touch ( a bit like muscle) I am quite skinny around my pubic area/ abdomen so I it might feel tough only because of that. The whole inflammation seems to be 3cm at its longest but I think it is deep under the skin so I'm not sure. It hurts when I press hard and I can notice 3-4 individual lumps under the swelling. There is a similar lump on the other side of my pubic area but it is much much smaller (I wouldn't have noticed it if not for the one on the other side)

I have had a primordial abscess just at the top of my crack of my behind at the beginning of summer. I'm not sure if these are related but the abscess was not painful at first and got much worse quickly). I want to prevent the same experience from happening again if it is the same thing (I needed wound dressing every week and had surgery)

I have sexual intercourse but have always used a condom. I also have only shaved my pubic hair once with an electric razor so I only removed a centimetre off the top.

I live a mostly  healthy lifestyle but broke my diet recently and I am in my final year at school so maybe stress could be an issue? I smoked only several cigarettes and am not obese. I also have acne on my face chest and back if that means anything. I drink at most once a week and usually only drink a small amount as I am fairly lightweight.

I discovered this last night and have not had any similar cases to this before (other than abscess). It doesn't look like it can be popped and is only a little bit visible without touching it.

The last important thing I want to say is that I had a fever for the last 2 days and spent all day today sleeping. I have just taken a hot bath with some bath mineral salts but I'm not sure if it helped much.

Not sure what I should do or what I have. Other people's responses online can be scary.
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