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I am a 16 year old male, and i recently went swimming with some friends at our local pool. we were swimming laps and messing around in the water.

that night when i got home and changed out of my swimmingsuit, i found a lump in the pelvic/upper pubic region on my body. it looks kinda like an infected ingrown pubic hair due to shaving my pubic hair 2 weeks prior to swimming.

it doesnt hurt when i lift objects or sit down, so i dont think it is a hernia. a couple months before the lump, i had 2 ingrown pubic hairs in that same general area. the lump seems to be getting smaller and it barely is tender to the touch. the lump has a light red shading on it and there is a very small but of dead skin on it. last night it was a little painful, but today it seems to be getting smaller and hurting less.

i dont know if this would have to do with anything, but i used to masturbate. i dont masturbate anymorre. i am not sexually active at all, so it shouldnt be an STD/STI. and i feel a little bloated, but maybe that is from overeating a little bit during lunch

please help me figure out what the lump is. i dont wanna have to go through surgery, so any home remedies would be sooo helpful


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When lumps and bumps occur in the pubic area, differentials will be a folliculitis, boil and acne. You have also mentioned of some mild scaling in the area. If this is more recent in onset and presents with pain and redness, this may be an infection. If the bump is large however, I suggest that you have a prompt consult with your physician for further assessment to rule out noninfectious causes of the lump.

How large are these lumps?

For how long have you noted them?

Are they painful?

Do you usually swim ?

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there is only one lump and it has only been there for 2 days now.

it is not painful and i usually dont swim

like i said, it is a ton smaller than it was yesterday and it looks to be getting better.

it is similar to what the ingrown hairs looked like, but is a little bigger.
it is shrinking in size and redness is going away quite quickly.

thanks for your help
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