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Lumps of fat under the skin

Dear Doctor,
I am a forty year old male in good health with no physical ailments. I have a concern regarding what appears to be lumps of fat (I can't think of any other way to describe them) all over my body just below the skin and above the muscle layer. There are more than forty of these "lumps" all over my body (arms, legs, back, side of body). The lumps vary in size from 1cm to 3cm in diameter. The lumps seem to be concentrated in areas where I have a lot of fat, such as around my waist, back, and on the side of my body half way between my underarm and waist. However, there are some lumps where there isn't a lot of fat, such as on my forearm or bicep area. I have had these lumps since I was a teenager and didn't worry about them because my mother had the similar condition. Two years ago, I had one of the lumps removed on my back because it was about 4-5 cm in diameter and gave me discomfort whenever I sat back on the hard back of a chair. The doctor told me afterwards that it was just deposits of fat and I had nothing to worry about. However, he could not tell me if my condition was common or why this is occuring or even if there was something I could do to prevent or reduce the number of these lumps on my body. Nevertheless, I am concerned even more these days because the lumps seem to be increasing in number. Doctor, please let me know what is causing this and if there is anything I can do to get rid of these lumps. Thank you very much in advance.
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Wow- my husband just had same-day surgery to remove one of his "fat lumps" which happen to be right next (onto) his intestine and causing him sporatic pain.  He is 42 years old, and has always had these lumps-and I belive he may have only around 8-10 around his body, not as many as you do, but they don't really bother him unless they are in spots that cause pain.  Therefore, the bad part of this, is that they can apparently be 'under the skin" and therefore an MRI and other medical tests have to be done to see what really is going on...all this money spent to diagnose a fat lump!
I wonder if it is hereditary- his mother has past away, but I will have to ask around at the next family reunion...
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A lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty tumor situated between the skin and the muscle layer that moves readily with pressure. Lipomas often occur in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and thighs. They could be several and persists for years and can occur at any age.  A lipoma is usually harmless. Treatment is not needed unless it  is painful or is growing and surgical resection is indicated. Recurrences are not common. Steroid injection and liposuction are other alternatives for removal. It is best that you discuss this with your doctor for proper evaluation and management.

Take care and keep us posted.
resection ?? for fatty lumps ?? you kidding ? resection means to cut and connect the 2 parts like a colon resection.
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I happened to noticed a similar lump on arm, but i'm afaraid to have it checked. I read some of the posts here and it seems no need to worry.
I noticed in 2003 and its grown to a marble in size since. Any suggestions for avoiding or preventing growing those lumps?...
I have the same things on both of my arms.  My Dad had them on his arms and now my older sister and I have them.  The older I get, the more I get.  The Doctor told me not to worry unless they cause me problems. I don't like the way they look.
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   i am 28 years old and have around 10 - 15 of these lumps mainly in my back and 1 in my arm. i have been to my doctor about this as i have not been able to have a full night sleep for months if i lay on my back and my doctor doesnt seem to bother about it. i am getting verry worried about them as the ones in my back hurt. it doesnt help that i get very paranoid about any kind of lump on my body and i am now feeling stuck. i dont know what to do about it and its getting me down. does anyone have any advice as to what i can do about this now and i suppose the only other option to me is to go private and have them removed.

regards, Chris.
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Hi Chris, Im a 35 yr old guy and I have had a couple of these lumps that you are describing. I have had one removed and the other comes out tomorrow. First of all dont panic. The removal process is quick and painless and I didn't even have to go to hospital for it, just my local clinic. You will be left will a small and barely noticable scar and a weight off your shoulders. Take it easy. Craig.
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I have more than 100 of these fat lumps. They are most visible on my arms, but most of them are located on my chest, stomach and back. Only my head, hands and legs from the knee and down are "clean". I am 41 now, and have had them for 25 years. New ones still appear. I have had a few removed by surgery. First one at the hospital and then i removed three at a private clinic. This leaves scars. The removed lumps have been analyzed, but nothing harmful is found.
I am rather athletic and during spring I work out so much that most of my ordinary waist and stomach fat disappears. This reveals dozens of lumps. It looks funny. Luckily I am not very vain, buth it still bothers me. Some of them can be painful, because I often lean into them.
Removing 100 lumps by cutting is out of the question. But I have been thinking that there should be other ways to remove this. Wouldn't it be possible to melt it in somehow? Or a combination of melting and liposuction. Has anyone heard of this?
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i have the same problem,i just want to know what will happen if i start to do gym ;will it reduces the lumps of fat / should i reduce the amount of fat consume or the amount of carbohydrates /
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I have the same problem, moreever I fell like neddle on my nerves area specialy arond the neck and down in my back . help me please.
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Not everyone gains weight the same way and we all have extra pockets where fat can deposit if the reservoir is full. My husband had them and with a little exercise and diet he never got them again.  No simple carbs and more complex carbs with a little of cardio and they are gone for good.
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I've had a few of these since I was 25, I find they get larger and have more of them as my body far percentage increases. I've recently put myself on a heavy exercise regime, swimming 5 times a week and yoga 3 times a week and after only 2 weeks I'm noticing a substantial reduction in the size of these lumps.  To give you some context my body fat was at 32% when I started and is now at 29%.
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what they are talking about is different
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I to have these fatty lumps on my body from teenage. But now their number is increasing. I recently went to a ayurvedic doctor who gave me some medicine and say all lumps will disappear in 3 months if I take the medicines regulaly.
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