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I have a lump on my right side just below by ribs that my doctor said was a fatty tumor.  since then I have found one on my right arm right by the elbow and recently one just below my left knee.  Could it be something more serious?
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It is important that the character of this lump is defined. Your doctor may be referring to a lipoma.  Lipomas may present as doughy lumps beneath the skin. The lump may slip beneath your palm when you palpate them. They are not painful nor are they hard. They may occur in other parts of the body as well.

This seems benign. If suspicious looking moles are present on the body and if the lumps appear to grow hard or becomes irregular in shape, then seek follow up consult with your doctor.
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I recently noticed a bump below my left knee to the left.  I thought it was bone because it felt hard.  then I pressed it firmly and it disappeared.  a few minutes later it reappeared.  it is painless.  I am a runner,  I run five days a week, 3 miles all days but one I run about 13 miles.  I don't know if this has anything to do with running.  I do wear straps made for under the knee to stabilize my IT band when running.  I have been wearing the straps for two years and never noticed any bumps.  What could this be.  
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I have a similar "knot" on my right knee.  Did you ever find anything out about yours?
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So Monday 16, 2016 I was playing soccer at soccer practice, and I was out playing goalie. When I went to dive for a ball I fell on my rib cage (You're suppose to do this to help break the fall) but this time it hutted and like shortness of breathe so I concluded its a rib fracture, Next day I went to doctor get a X-ray to show If id had a fracture, it turns out it wasn't a fracture. I went home until Saterday 21 when I was about to sleep I felt a lump on my left chest and that was the spot where it was hurting before and it was definitely there and it hurt. I'm not sure why maybe if my bruised rib because it still hurted to breathe before that and lay down it hurted. What is causing this Lump? Is it because of what happen to me at practice? I need answers help
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