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MCV transmission

A year ago I had a tiny bump at the base of my penis. It was so small it was difficult to see. I went to 2 dermatologists and they couldn't be sure what it was, likely HPV but might not be. Gave me Aldara and gone in a week.

Both docs said immune system often clears HPV in 6 mos - 2 yrs.  wait a few months, have as much sex as you want. In the STD forum of this site the response was also to wait a few months and have sex, even if I did previously have HPV. Don't worry about it -- it's no big deal.

HPV is supposed to be highly contagious. Why not worry about it? Should I not worry about telling my new partner, who has not been exposed to me yet? (totally irresponsible) Or should I tell her and expect her not to worry about it?

10 days ago I noticed a bump big asa pencil eraser on pelvic area. I had a dermatologist look at it, cut it off, send it to lab and they determined it was MCV.

No other bumps. Cut healed but skin is new- the scab just went away. My ? is about sex. I am going to see a lady friend this weekend and we’ll both be greatly disappointed if theres no sex. Are there timelines for having sex after removing MCV lesions? Probability of transmission after having lesions? The doctor already told me the probability of transmission is lower when you don't have any lesions. I couldve guessed that.
How much lower? Again the docs info was misleading. They called me and said, Results show its just molluscum- nothing to worry about, not contagious.
What? Yes its contagious. The doctor's asst soon admitted it was indeed contagious. Why the lack of clarity? Whats the real deal w having sex and transmitting?
Any advice for going forward with the lady friend?
Thank you.
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MCV (molluscum) can be contagious, but many times it is not,  For instance, we see many children who have MCV all over and no one else around them has any.  We see adults with MCV in the groin whose partners don't have it, or who have no partners.  Where it comes from is not known much of the time, any more than you always know where you catch a cold from.  Since MCV does not in any case lead to any complications in women, once you've treated it, I see no reason for you to avoid sex now.

As for HPV, it's true that there is a theoretical risk of transmission even after removal, but the risk is low.  In any case, what other advice could be given to someone who once had HPV--to avoid sex forever?  I admit that there is some unclarity in this answer, but that is the nature of medical advice sometimes.  I would concur with your doctor--that once the HPV is treated and has been gone for some time, resumption of sex is appropriate.  If you wish, you can discuss your history with a new partner, in the interests of full disclosure.


Dr. Rockoff
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OK. I understand this approach. My question then is this: are there any differences between probability of transmitting MCV one week after removal of the growth vs. several months after removal?
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