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Mark on Penis

I have developed a mark on the glans of my penis.  It is about a quarter of an inch across, irregularly shaped, whiter than the surrounding tissue, and with a distinctive brown border.  There is no pain or soreness of any kind.  I do not know how long it has been there, but at least for the past month there has been no change that I can see in its size or texture.  If I have an erection the flow of blood almost makes it disappear.  I am 73 years old, and caucasian.  The last time I had any contact with a woman was a year ago.  Any comments?
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It may be a senile lentigo (age freckle), or it might reflect irritation of some kind.  It doesn't sound like anything significant.  You ought to show it to a doctor next time you go if it hasn't gone away by itself.


Dr. Rockoff
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