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Massive rash with unexplainable bruising, etc...

This is a rash my love is suffering with, which started out on the backs of both thighs and was diagnosed as psoriasis about two years ago.  With topical steriodal creams the rashes went away, but came back with a vengance.  Now the rash is all over. It itches so badly that scratching for relief causes bleeding and deep gouges in the skin.  Our bed sheets are covered in spots of his blood from this rash. It is now affecting his testicles with redness and itching.  He has had unexplained bruises on his inner thighs and arms right under his rashes.  He suffered a ring-worm like pattern at the sight of one of his primary rashes right before the bruising appeared. We recently went to a baseball game together.  We were sitting for about 2 1/2  hours.  When he stood up, the backs of his legs had seeped through his pants.  I am extremely worried.  No one is taking this seriously, and It looks like it's just getting worse.

He is exhaused from the discomfort of the rash and the Naval Hospita (he's retired military) seem to be dragging their feet in diagnosis and treatment...

We NEED good advice...

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Topical medications may not suffice to control psoriatic flares. At this point, I suggest that he may be closely supervised by a dermatologist. Phototherapy may be the management of choice at this point. For severe forms of psoriatic flares that appear unresponsive to topical medications, phototherapy has been employed and showed good results after several sessions.

Was he seen by a doctor recently ?
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This sounded like what I had, I had red bumpy warts around my butts, at night it got really itchy i used to scratch myself, take cold shower helped, and I used all kinds of off the counter but it didn't help.  Please don't worry, I used to have these warts on my butts, and my doctor gave me Aldara cream 5% (imiquimod) and it went away within two weeks.  Aldara is kind of expensive they're $300 for 12 tiny packets of about 4 water droplets.  But they worked like miracle.

Please ask you doctor for a prescription.

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