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Maybe Folliculitis,demodex,chemical reaction, allergic,or just crazy:(

I literally have and feel the same exact way! Started off doctor said folliculitis and he prescribed me a topical cream and it did zero. Then on to my primary doctor the other was the gyno and now she prescribed antibiotics and it did zero. Now family,friends, and clients are noticing it and I'm a picker which helps me none but it is what it is. I'm also a hair stylist and am around many chemicals and products that probably don't help in the slightest bit. Started on my arms a year ago and then spread to five and at this time they were all just red bumps with clear fluid that I couldn't help put just pop. Summer came and was in shorts and tank top so it prevented a lot of picking bc I was exposed and into fall where no one see's my bikini area so I grown hairs were my favorite to pick and then legs back face stomach and inbetween in my chest area. Now it's the sand like crystals or these stretchy white plugs that literally go onward if u squeeze them but once u can get a grip on it and it's not easy u can yank them out and it's big for coming out of that your pore. Then goes down in swelling u think it's gone and jokes on me it's back and of course I'm obsessed with yanking them out it's fun to me until after I see the damage I do to myself. But now i also have these crystal like things coming out that u have to take with tweezers sometimes u can hear them crunch when u get it a certain way with the tweezers. And sometime when they kinda prick u when u get them if u touch it. Anyway finally went to a derm and she was the meanest lady ever. I even brought a bag of the plug I took out and things that I thought would help and nope she didn't even wanna see it (she could of at least pretended to care) was on bactrim ds cause the bad ones turn into a staph infection ( yea that's fun to think about when ur a hair stylist always touching ppl) then back on the antibiotic for 30 days for folliculitis...... some days I'm happy bc it seems like they go away until boom it's back and they are  piercing through again. I know in my gut something is not right at all do I think I may of had/have  folliculitis and a Bad infection yea probably but there is something ALSO going on like a chemical reaction of some sort allergy? I also suffer from chronic migraines and get Botox for them every 3 months (31 injections) I've gotten every cream oil antibacterial anything and I can't say one has actually really helps maybe calm them down for a hot second but I can't stop obsessing over this and I thought I had demodex and freaked out doctor says it's folliculitis but idk I sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend he has zip. And I'm a hairstylist I touch people for living and brushes combs towels ect.! How would I ever explain that to my boss/ clients oh btw u may have mites bc of me. I also heard animals could carry a form of staph idk see I could go on about what it MAY be but my gut instinct has neverrrrrrr done me wrong (I know what the baby's gender is by just feeling the energy of the pregnant woman) I have never I mean never been wrong. It's funny they will be like I know it's a boy and I'm like ehhhhh but you ARE having a girl and they laugh always so and I told u so never gets old lol but I need help:( I'm 27 and I have enough medical stuff to deal with I needn't help with this one plzzzzzz anyone have any advice I really need it:(
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Did you ever find out what this is? I have the exact same thing.
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