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Melanoma of the foot

I am a 41yr old woman(with a past history of a stage 1 melanoma of the lower leg excised with clean margins 12/2002.) who has been told after biopsy and pathology that I have a melanoma on the sole which is in the epidermal junction and a small amount has gone .75 mm. to the dermis.  I have been told this is a clark stage 3 or 4, a breslow of .75mm., and the dermatologist still said it is Stage 1.  Is that correct?  I will have to have surgery in the hospital to remove it.  What type of margins do they normally use for a melanoma of this type?  Will most methods of surgery result in me using crutches for a few months? I really respect your advice, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
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The staging level depends on various factors including an assessment of whether the melanoma is localized to the original site.  If it hasn't spread to lymph nodes, that would be Stage 1.  No doubt surgery will leave you on crutches for a while, but you will need to get detailed information about that from the surgeon.  Melanomas of that thickness are generally removed with 1 centimeter margins.  Whether that is modified when the sole is involved is again a question you need to discuss with your surgeon.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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Im so sorry to post here but i desperately need advice...really need some answers or words of knowledge. Here is a little brief history: Around the end of August or beginning of september I had unprotected sex with a guy for about 20 minutes ( one time) and then about 2 weeks later (september 15) I had sex again with a new partner ( my current boyfriend), also unprotected, I know very stupid of me.

Around the last days of October, I developed a very big painful rash in between my buttocks and vaginal lips. I tought at that time that it was irritation from a maxi pad. About a week and a half later the rash started healing, but soon after I developed a smaller rash in the two sides of my vaginal opening, with red painful bumps. I also got this open tear (like a paper cut) right in the area between the vaginal opening and the anal opening. Must i add that this was the same area that I got teared when I had sex before from lack of lubrication.

Up to this day, I still have this rash. It goes away for about 2-3 days and then apprears again, also with the tear. I went to planned parenthood about 2 weeks ago and tested for HSV 1 and 2 and for yeast infection. This last Friday, they called me back and informed me that I was HSV 2 negative, but HSV 1 positive. She made it seem like no big deal, and told me it was nothing to worry about.

The yeast test also came back negative. my doubts are that I still have this damn rash and I do not know what is, it really is ruining me, i have not had sex since then because I am afraid. I was wondering if it might have been too early to take the test and if anybody knows anything about what might be causing this rash. I called the herpes hotline and they said that 2 months is too long for a herpes outbreak.

I am very scared and confused and depressed because I do not know where to turn. I have no health insurance, and do not what to do. If anyone has ever been through this or has any information, please help a desperate girl out. I also add that I am diabetic type 1, dont know if this might have anything to do with this.Also, is there any other condition that might include these symptoms.Thank you so much reading all this and wish me the best of luck. God Bless!!
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