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Metal Allergy/Eczema After Ringworm Treatment?

My 31 year old boyfriend had a bout of ringworm during his high school wrestling days, about 2 inches below and to the right of his navel. He's always had very sensitive skin, and ever since he was given the topical medication for the ringworm, he's had breakouts over that spot. It seems to be aggravated when his belt buckle or button to his jeans rubs against it, and by stress. He's tried several types of metal belt buckles, so I don't think it's just a nickle allergy. It looks like little red bumps and dry skin. For years he's been using an over-the-counter cortisone cream to keep it at bay, but it just seems to keep it from getting worse at times, not treat it. Showering twice a day is also a must to help it, but it never really goes away. Has anyone encountered anything similar to this or know what it might be, and a possible treatment for it? Thanks for your help!
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Look out for fungus again.(Tinea incognito)
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It could be coincidence that this flared up after the ringworm....I am severly allergic to metal but my allergy didn't really flare up until into my late 20's....metal builds up in the tissue in the body and caused your body to react more strongly at time goes by and more metal builds up....does he have any fatigue, headaches frequently, nasea???  

A good place to start with research is Melisa.org

I also just started a forum to discuss metal allergies.  If you are interested the site is metalallergyforum.org.

If he is reacting to metal some other things to be aware that have metal are: cigarrettes, pill coating, candy with a hard shell (like m&m's)....Could all be causing potential symptoms or at the least adding to the the metal build up in the body....
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