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Microscopic bugs crawling on my skin

About three weeks ago, I started noticing something that I could not see jumping on my arms when I would sit on my sofa. Then a week later, I was awakened in the middle of the night by something crawling on my body but mostly my legs, neck, ears and head.  We had a pomeranian dog and, though we had not actually seen any, we assumed that it was fleas so, we gave him a flea dip and bombed the house with some products recommended by our local Petco, to kill the fleas.  After the bomb, we noticed that the bugs got worse and I feel like something is crawling on me and biting me all the time, especially at night, and I am no longer able to sleep in my bed. We then decided to have a professional exterminator come in and he treated the inside of the house with a fog that is supposed to kill up to 28 different bugs. He told us how to determine if it is fleas and we have tried that but found no fleas. After a week, that didn't help so we had him come back a second time.  He fogged the house a second time but with a different product which helped some, but not much. He said that if we have to have him come back a third time, he would bring his supervisor to try to determine the problem and suggested that the problem might be skin mites. We have cleaned our house with bleach and wash our clothes with Borax and vacuum on a regular basis but this problem still persists. My husband said that he feels something jumping on him every once in a while, but nothing like what I have been experiencing, and my daughter says that she feels nothing. I did a search on the internet for microscopic bugs and several results came back about bedbugs, which we are relatively sure it is not, fleas and mites. Some of the information came back to seek medical attention, which I did. The doctor prescribed Permithrin 1% and I have used it and it helped some but not much. I found other information on the internet that suggested an oral treatment like Ivermectin and I called the doctor and asked if she could prescribe something like that. She said no and suggested I see a Dermatologist. I made an appointment to see a dermatologist but there were no appointments available before July. I have read several postings on the internet about mites that infest the human body but none seem to match what I am experiencing. If anyone can please help me with this problem, I would be extremely grateful as this problem is affecting my sleep pattern and my appetite.
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i have the same problem it is 3:45 and still cant sleep. the itching, crawling, and biting is noticed for days now. at first i was certain it was fleas from my dog. fleas were one of the causes of these symptoms, but im at my parents house tonight and know that it is not fleas. this time. worse when laying in bed, all over body it is miserable. dermatologist it is, like i can afford that. good luck self and others. this is ruining
Moth balls and wash your cloths and yourself in hot water, put the moth balls in every room and they'll die just try not to be in the stinky as much as you can!
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I have the same issue and I'm thinking that I'm going nutzo.
I have had outsiders come and visit the room in question and have shown them the dust particles that seem to maneuver to and then away from the strong lights in the room.
They all think that I'm crazy but I'm really concerned that this could be transfered or noticed at the worst time.
At night I leave the windows open to lower the temperature in the room hoping that the buggers die with the cold air.
I've done a little test and maybe this will help you. Leave a water filled bucket in the worst room and within 10 days take a look at what you catch.
I've yet to bring the samples in for testing but there is something there.
I don't believe it is a anxiety disorder although it does sound quite good to group this situation as a possible pharmacy answer.
Hopefully you've had some resolution and if so please share.

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Hi there, I know exactly how you feel… I have been experiencing the EXACT SAME thing for the last 15 months!! During the day and afternoon there is absolutely nothing wrong with me or my skin, I can sit where I want and I can lay down on a friends bed or couch but as soon as I get into my own bed it starts… now I have read a couple of answers about this type of “symptom”, some say it’s a MENTAL thing, other say its RESTLESS LEG syndrome and what not! That is a lot of BULL!! If it’s a mental thing, why do I feel it ONLY in MY bed and in some of my clothing? Why not during the day at work? Why only when I lay down on MY bed does it happen? I can sleep over at my girlfriend and NOT A THING, but let me get back into my own bed tomorrow night, then its scratching war al over again… if you maybe heard of a REALY BRILLIANT pesticide or insecticide or you know of something that work please let me know. I wish you good luck.
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I have a similar problem, but no itching, just jumping. They jump on my legs, hair, neck, up my nose, and into my ear. No rashes are involved. There is clicking and whistling in my ear. Sounds like tinitis, but when one ear is upl, I can sometimes feel something crawling up. However, they never seem to leave, not all at once anyway. I put down flea powder and crystal to kill bed bugs, the problem has greatly been reduced. But there still enough of them to create a nuiscance. I use a steamer to steam the bed, it works for a while for the most part. But they seem to be coming from some hidden location. A flea bomb doesn't do the trick. I bought two cheap microscopes and I did see something, after the bug man couldn't and didn't have a clue. He just recommended a steamer. I need powerful digital microscope with video to record on my laptop. So, that's my next move. I would like to walk into a store and test the performance of a microscope before buying since I've already wasted money on two other ones. But, they have to be ordered. I have found no stores in the twin cities, Minnesota. I have found the cost to be from $300 to $550 and up. Then, the question is what do I do with that after I take the picture? It's going to take me a while to save the money. That's where I am on this issue.
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Im having the same problems did you ever find out what your dealing with , i have some on my bed sprayed,washed everything,bleached, but i still notice them on my bed they are so small i cant make out the body structure they look greyish in color so tiny it just looks like a dot but smaller and they just crawl when your laying in bed . please let me know if you found anything im ready to bomb my room with some type of bug bomb. Out of ideas.
Thank you
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I was prescribed permethrin 5% by my doc and it worked but she won't prescribe any more because she didn't see any sign of bugs at my appointment, but I just realized you can buy permethrin spray for your clothing.  I'm going to order it today so I don't know if it will work but it got good reviews.
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