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Microscopic bugs crawling on skin

Intermittently feel pin prick bites on my entire body face scalp, yet there are no visible bite marks or bugs. Comes and goes day to day, been to 3 ERs 4 Doctors, all say they don't know, nothing visible. My symptoms are very real!!!
July2016 Was staying with my son in Los Angeles and 5 apartments in our building got Bedbugs, shortly after getting the BBs I got what I believe we're head-lice, although I didn't work or come into personal contact with anyone, it was so biazarre. Took weeks to get rid of head lice and had to cut my very long hair into a buzz cut, awful. Finally got rid of lice but also felt like mites crawling on my skin and pin prick bites. Felt as though they are constantly crawling up my nose and face. I can go for a few days and be fine but then it starts back. I even left LA moved back to Ny because this is so traumatic.
What are these?????
I have used everything under the sun, Ivermectin, 3 doses, permethrin 6 doses, Tea Tree oil, Rid, etc.

How do I get rid of permanently???
And what are these? My poor son in same apartment and facing the same symptoms, someone pleas help:(
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God, please give me an answer, as well.  I have the exact same thing.  Only magnification works to see the various things I have seen in the last 3 weeks.  I, too, started off with bed bugs.  What you call head lice started in my hair, as well.  So many eggs they were falling like rain from my hair!  But, they did not act as a head louse acts; I have had the head lice from Hell.  I have photos of worms, crunchy microscopic bitters, red things, did I say worms?  Please, I want to hear more from you.  Misery loves company!
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