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Mildly atypical mole regrowth

On Jan 12 of this year, I went to my Dermatologist to have a darker mole on my back looked at. After taking a look at it, my Dr. said it should be removed and sent to the lab. She removed the mole using the punch method. About 5 days later the nurse called back and said it was benign, but had some mildy atypical cells.  At that time they asked me to come back in 6 months for a follow up. About a month later, I noticed a much smaller mole regrowing on the upper half of the scar.  I went back yesterday to have it reevaluated.  She mentioned that the biopsy report came back that she got the entire mole the first time, but sometimes mole cells hide out in hair follicles and can come back. She removed the new mole via punch and had it sent to the lab. She also gave me a full body exam which came back fine. No additional moles were removed and she did not comment on anything out of the ordinary.

Here are my questions:

1) Is there anything to be concerned about regarding a mole regrowing in the scar where a benign, mildly atypical mole was about 6 weeks ago?

2) This is the only mole I have ever had come back atypical. She mentioned that I really dont have alot of moles. Besides avoiding tanning bed, avoiding getting sunburnt and using/reapplying sunscreen often when in direct sun, is there anything else I need to do from a preventitive measure point of view?  I am going to start seeing her every year for check ups.

Thanks again!
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Dear Tjo78,

Thanks for writing in.

Acquired melanocytic nevi or moles are benign skin tumours and most of us have them in variable numbers. They may be present on any body part.

At any time, if they show increase in size, bleeding, itching, change in color, it may be regarded as  a danger  sign  and must be seen by a dermatologist or physician.

1)    After removal of mole by a punch biopsy, these moles may re-grow at the same site as some of the mole cells can be persisting at the edges or in hair follicles. If your histopathology report mentions mild atypia of cells with no or very little mitotic figures then there is nothing to worry.

2)     As mentioned before you need to monitor yourself for these Danger signs.
a)     Rapid growth of pre-existing moles.
b)    Sudden appearance of new moles.
c)     Change in color of moles.
d)    Itching, bleeding, pain in moles.

Since you do not have any of these danger signs, there is nothing to worry about. Apart from monitoring yourself for these signs and following the above precautions, nothing more needs to be done.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Warm Regards,
Dr. Sudarshan
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