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Milk is my culprit!

My dermatologist finally got to the root of my problem. When he told me to stop drinking milk, I had to have an explanation. One of his colleagues has a website dedicated to the subject: http://www.acnemilk.com/home Meanwhile, I was given 100 mg. Minocycline, an antibiotic, for one month, told to wash my face twice a day with Betadine facial wash, then to touch each sore with a thin layer of Clindamycin topical solution. Out of concern for these wounds being running sores for almost a year, he froze each site with dry ice. During the first 2-3 days, my nose, which has always had enlarged pores, began to push out the "baby" plugs that were already forming. Unfortunately, 15 days into treatment, I broke out in such a bad case of hives, I had to make a walk-in visit to my dermatologist. He stopped the oral antibiotic, and gave me Prednisone (a steroid) and said to continue with topical treatments. Because of me pulling these blocked root hairs out with tweezers for so long, they are healing in layer after layer of dry, flaky skin, so I am using vitamin E oil to help with that, now. I found that Silk makes a soy milk which, after drinking 2% cow's milk for so long, is actually creamier, and I use non-dairy Coffee Mate (with all the newest flavors) and Hershey's syrup to make it tastier, to me. I hope this helps someone. I had fallen into a deep depression over how ugly these things had become. Good luck and bless your heart to all who are going through this.
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