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Mole on nose continually regrowing after removal

Recently I have had a bump on my nose removed twice, once shaved and once a surgical biopsy, but both times it grew back almost immediately.

History: This bump appeared when I was about 7 years old. It was round, same color as the surrounding skin, with a large pore in the middle. It was not obtrusive, but in my 20s hair started growing out of the pore and the bump got bigger. I was told it was a "cyst" by a university doctor. Last year, when I was 39 (after having it 32 years) it started to get bigger, with what looked like a new bump forming next to it. My GP wanted it removed just in case.

A dermatology assistant removed it via shaving, but it began to grow back within 3 days, this time being larger because it joined that new bump next to it. They didn't tell me what the bump was. The biopsy was negative, but since regrowth was a problem, they wanted to re-biopsy in case.

This time I went to a plastic surgeon to just get it removed completely. By then, a second bump near my nose had gotten an extra bump near it in the same manner. The plastic surgeon said these were unpigmented moles.  Two and a half weeks ago, he did a surgical biopsy and I got about 6 stitches on the nose, 3 near the nose. Almost the entire length of my nose was incised for the nose bump.  

The tests on those bumps also came back benign.

The problem is the mole/bump on my nose is growing back already. The large pore has formed and the bump is raising around it in the exact same manner and exact same place as before. (The one near my nose is, thus far, still gone.)

My question: Is this continuous regrowth an indicator of a serious problem?  After two negative biopsies, is it possible there is still an issue?

Also, relatedly, is there anything I can do to possibly minimize the bump size and the scarring from the surgery? I'm not just worried that this stupid thing keeps coming back, I'm worried about the cosmetic appearance of my face after two surgeries that leave scars.

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