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Mole or melanoma

I ripped off a mole a couple weeks ago ir healed over after scabbing a couple times (I did pick at it) it didn’t bleed much and it wasn’t bothering me to begin with. It seemed to be all one colour and it wasn’t to big but it was a bit of a weird shape. I’m so anxious snd can’t see the derm for a couple months. I did see my obgyn ans I went to a. Clinic and pharmacist they all said it didn’t look bad the pharmacist gave me an ointment and it took the swelling and redness down. Now it’s just a scab should I be worried
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You don't say how old you are.  This is usually a disease of old folks from sun exposure or exposure to pollutants years earlier.  Don't even know that it was a mole, since you picked it off -- that's really hard to do by yourself if it was in fact a mole.  But the test, and you can look this up in cancer resources, aren't having a mole, it's when a mole you've had for awhile starts to change shape or color or starts to hurt and the like.  It's the change that causes the concern, not the mere presence of a mole.  But in your case, having picked it off and created a wound, don't know how anyone would truly know if it was in fact a mole or something else you picked off.  I would recommend in the future that if you have a growth you're concerned about, keep it and then you can have a doc look at it if it doesn't go away and starts to show the kinds of changes docs are concerned about.  
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Yeaah sorrry I just turned 25
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  Thank you for your question.  A mole that is scraped off or picked off usually will bleed.  A scab would b normal after that.  If you pick at the scab some more, you'll continue to have bleeding. My suggestion is to leave the scab alone which I am sure they are telling you.  If it continues to bleed, then you can have it checked out by a dermatologist.  Watch and see but most likely, this will be fine. Glad you saw a doctor and see a dermatologist if you continue to have problems with it. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/melanoma/symptoms-causes/syc-20374884
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