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Mole/wart on nose

I'm 28 years old , and for as long back as I can remember I have had this mole/wart on the left side of my nose. It is the same color and texture as my skin. It's  about the size of the end of a q-tip. I know it's hard to speculate about what it is without seeing it, but any ideas?   I would like to get it removed , but I don't think it is as easy as slicing it off. It definitely feels deeper than any other mole I have.  Thanks !
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Moles on the face are a touchy subject.  I'm am tring to understand what you mean by "it definitely feels deeper than any other moles.."  A good GP, General Practitioner is able to either freeze or cut away the mole on your nose.  If they cut it away they will send it to the lab to be studies to make sure it is not any type of cancer.  This is routine regardless of the appearance or symptoms.  Some MD's don't mess with that and freeze it off.  Freezing it will be better for someone who scars because it is a gradual process.  MD will touch the mole with a q-tip that has the freezing agent on it.  S/He will hold it there for a moment.  When you go home try not to touch it and let it crust up and fall off naturally.  That way there should be no scarring.  If the MD cuts it off they often go a little deeper that the skin surface to make sure the mole does not return (FYI, they often do return either way, either treatment, but may not be as large or more like a little raised skin instead of a mole.)  From what you describe, it sounds like the "mole" is basically just cell build up and may not really be a mole persay.  But I am no MD, I am a RN with much experience.  The absolute best result SHOULD come from a dermatologist, but patients do just fine with the GP also.  Your choice.

If you are very ivory or white skinned, and because the "mole" is on your nose, it could be like a skin tag.  Often white patients, (and some others but white more than others) have fragile, delicate skin and any area  that has friction (like from blowing your nose all your life) may cause a skin tag.  Por exemple, under the arms, in the armpit which is shaved from women and M/F swimmers often gathers skin tags; around the neck for those who 24/7/365 wear necklaces, etc.
Hope this helped a bit to lead your understanding.
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