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Molluscum Contagiosum or not?

History - approx. 2 years ago I got 3 to 4 flesh coloured bumps, approx. 2mm in size, all connected and in a single row on my foreskin just below the head.  They did not hurt and were smooth.  I show my family doctor, he says they are warts, freezes them and puts me on Aldara.  They did not looked burned or become discoloured, they just shrunk over the next few days!  Odd. But it disappeared for good.  

At home when checking progress I notice little red bumps on the shaft, base, pubic hair and waistline below my stomach.  There were lots like 30.  Didnt notice b/c I was pre-occupied with the other site I guess.  Must have been there all along or just got worse.  I come back to my doctor and he says they are probably warts, I am like `come on now, they don't look like it`.  So, I ask to go to a specialist for a second opinion.  The urologist says immediately Molluscum Contagiosum, shows me a pic in a book.  I ask him about the larger bumps on my foreskin that looked bigger (that are gone at this point) and if I could have both a wart and M.C. and he said, `No way.  It was M.C.`.  He said leave them be and they will go away...and they did.  Have been clear for 1-2 years.

My concern - what do I tell her - I am dating a girl I really like (we haven`t been intimate yet) and need to know what I should tell her if anything at all. Still confused as the original group of bumps on the foreskin looked different from the rest, much larger.  If I tell her that I had something but not 100% sure what it was, she will be gone and I dont blame her.  Not to mention her having that info lol.  On the otherhand, me knowing I might have an issue and not telling her is bothering my conscience.

p.s. I have had warts on my fingers before and after freezing they discolor, scab up and fall off...not shrink like the larger group of bumps on the foreskin.  Is that a good indicator that it was not a wart.
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1.  Nothing you've described sounds like HPV (genital) warts.
2.  Molluscum near the head was possible but unlikely.
3.  It doesn't matter because:
      a. they're gone, whatever they were
      b. most molluscum isn't contagious anyway
4. The had things are irrelevant

Dr. Rockoff
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