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Molluscum Contagiosum treatment

I know i have Molluscum Contagiosum, i consulted my school nurse practitioner and she said it's definately that.  But i dont know how i really got it, i havn't had sex in a long time.  but that's now what i'd like to ask.  i want to know how to treat it.  i've noticed some of them disappearing but some are still there.  I occasionally put powder on to keep the area dry.  i was wondering if the use of 3M Aldara cream would help.  i just happen to have some.  Could you please recommend me some type of over the counter solution or any type of other treatment. would you recommend removing them in a sterile manner by myself? or would they just grow back? i just want to get rid of these things.  could it possibly be contracted from the showers i use in my dormatory? or could it be contracted from going to the physical fitness center.  i go there every day and i touch alot of thigns other poeple touch.  those are my two guesses, i know this wasn't sexually contracted.  thanks for helping.
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Most molluscum is not contagious, despite the term "contagiosum."  As to where people get it, most of time, who knows?  It's like asking where you catch a cold from.

If you leave mollusca alone, they go away by themselves, but it takes an average of 9 months.  Aldara may help, so if you have some, apply it 3 times a week, but stop if it gets irritated.  When people come to me for treatment, I usually use liquid nitrogen, though other gentle irritating methods are available.  I wouldn't recommend OTC wart remedies.  Since it's hard to tell on yourself which mollusca are still there, and which are just leftover red marks that didn't have time to fade yet, you're probably best off letting a professional make the assessment for you, and treat as needed.


Dr. Rockoff
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thanks doc
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If you have health insurance, I would recommend going to the Derm and having them removed all at once,  if any are left over, they can spread sometimes.

I removed all mine myself but a couple still pop up every now and then,  but they are lesser in size over time.
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My husband and I are hoping to adopt a five year old boy from an orphanage in India. In his medical records it states that he had molluseum contagiosum which was removed. Is this the same thing as the STD herpes? Are there different forms of this virus? We are concerned about this being passed to other members of our family. Can this be controlled by medication? Any insight you can provide would be appreciated.

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Molluscum is not related to herpes what so ever.  It is more related to chicken pox and causes similiar wart like lesions.   Your body cures itself of the disease over time, so he may not have it anymore.  I've seen in multiple places that if all the lesions are removed and none show up for 1-6 months then you can consider the infection gone.  Plus,  you may be immune to it anyway.  After having it for myself,  it is more of an annoyance than anything.
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