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Molluscum and Perleche

Hello.  I am 48 year old male. I went to a dermatologist today and was diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum.  It is a patch above my pubic hair, probably about 25 tiny spots and a few trailing down toward my penis, but not on my penis or its base.  It has not spread too much but has not cleared either.  She prescribed Aldara cream and, interestingly, Tagament.

I also have a case of Perleche on the corner of my mouth.

Both of these appeared a few days after a sexual encounter about 5 weeks ago, in which I had protected with condom sex with a female prostitute and I also performed unprotected oral sex on her.  This is the only time my skin in that area has come in contact with someone else since 2 months previous to that (also protected sex with prostitute). In the last 9 months, the only other sexual contact i have had has been giving and receiving oral sex (unprotected) on males, about 5 times and one other episode of protected sex with prostitute.

Without even knowing my sexual history, the doctor said I need to take an HIV test, saying that Molluscum is an STD.  I am a basket case now.  I have read previous answers in this forum which minimize the possibility of receiving molluscum from sexual contact, but can you let me know exactly what the connection is?  Is this an early indication of HIV?  Also is Perleche an STD?  Thank you.
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Your doctor is sensible to recommend an HIV test.  I would argue--as I have often--that most of the time molluscum is not an STD.  There are, however, times when it is, or might be.  With your multiple sexual contacts, it would be wise to be sure you haven't contracted HIV, even though the results are very likely to be negative.  Perleche (irritation at the corners of the mouth) is not an STD.  Not sure of the association, if any, with the encounter that took pa=lace shortly before.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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I had Molluscum and from my research,  That area above the Genital region is very common amoung adults.   The virus can live outside the body for a while and it can be picked up from Exercise rooms, swimming pools, and of course, skin to skin contact, wash cloths, etc.

I've also read about it being a sign of HIV or weakened immune system but that seems to be related to extreme breakouts,  like on the face and other parts of the body, or if the lessions grow to out of control sizes.  Mine were all pretty much 1-3mm in size and didn't grow,  just appeared and over time looked like they would go away but I ended up removing them.
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