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Moluscum Contagiosum or HPV warts

I noticed 2 small red bumps 1 inch north of base of my penis 3 or 4 years ago. These bumps grew into warts. The warts looked like the warts I have on my hand as a kid. They were round flesh colored, very hard except of a mushy top layer. As the years when on they did not multiply but seems to protrude more and more. I was a smoker during this period.

I don't smoke any more (its been 8 months), excercise regularly, take a multi vitamin and achnachia every day.
After being in commited relationship for the last 2 years, and using comdoms, we decided to  start having unprotected sex with her on the pill. I wanted to protect her, (she was a virgin prior, with no sexual experience) so I got some over the counter warts remover and  started to remove the warts.

I don't have sensitive skin at *all*, and there was almost no discomfort using the wart remover. The warts started to flake off and eventually seemed to disappear. I was thrilled, patiently waiting for the skin to heal to start having sex again. (We stopped during having sex for the duration of my treating the warts).

During the 2 weeks of treating theses warts, I noticed a red hard pear shaped bump on the border of the head skin and the "regular skin"  (circumsized) on the bottom of my penis. The bum was on the "regular" skin not on the head skin. This is first time (in 3 years) since the pubic warts appeared that I noticed any additional bumps (checking the whole time)

I went to the doctor, the vinigar test turned the penis bump and pubic area  white. I got the penis bump frozen off, as well as, the areas in the pubic region that had 2 warts.  

Since, my relationship has ended for reasons  unrelated to the bums. (We never had unprotected sex)

There are now many white colored shiny area in the ridge around the base of the head. They seem to be more clearly seen if the skin is stretched. They are tiny and look like little balls with shiny skin around.

My doctor gave me a few samples of Aldara which I have been using. He couldn't determine wheather the warts were HPV or Moluscum (-because of the location of the original warts.)

The Aldara causes NO side effects, I do not feel any discofort at ALL. I have been applying it regularly every other day. I can't tell if its working yet nor can I tell if these are warts are regular part of the anotomy. My skin there looks like a parachute (many "pockets")

My questions are as follows:

1. Could I have spread the virus from the pubic area to the penis during self treatment?

2.If so, does that determine if this HPV or Moluscus?

3. Does it make sense to apply Aldara more often for someone with skin like mine?

4. She has not had any warts in the 2 years we were together, we always used comdoms. She (causasian)does not have a spleen due to a blood cell shape disorder (not sykel, but similar, can't recall name) does this effect her chances of infection.

5. Is masturbation not a good idea, b/c risk of spreading?
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I'm afraid I really can't interpret everything you have.  The bumps around the ridge at the base of the head are almost certainly not warts or mollusca at all, but rather pearly penile papuales, a normal anatomical variant (see http://www.studenthealth.co.uk/leaflets/NormalVariantsInAnogenitalSkin.htm ).

As to the first bumps you treated with a wart remover, please don't do that.  No permanent damage, but I can't be at all sure they were even warts.  The vinegar test is notorious for unreliability (turning lots of non-wart things white.)

If I were you, I wouldn't use Aldara or anything else until you get a proper diagnosis from someone who knows what they're looking at.


Dr. Rockoff
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1. How commonly are round warts in the pubic area found to be molluscum?/ How commonly are they found to be HPV?

2. Because there were no reoccurances for years with  only 2 pubic warts present, is anything narrowed down?

3. Because the penis bump was red and not flesh colored but definetly appeared after I began treating the pubic warts,is it possible that its related to the pubic warts?

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There is no point in speculating or talking about statistics.  Either these bumps are/were arts or they aren't/weren't.  Please see a doctor who knows what he/she is looking at.  Thanks.

Dr. Rockoff
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