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Mouth Sores

I am a 40 year old male.  Had oral sex with a woman about 3 weeks ago.  Shortly afterwards (2-3 days) I developed a couple of "sores" inside my mouth (cheek and roof of the mouth) and on the inside surface of my lip.  I also developed an irritation around the eyes.  The sores persisted.  My MD tried antibiotics, anti-viral, and anti fungal (wasn't enough to culture - diagnosis by elimination).  Within a couple of weeks of the encounter - I also develops white bumps on the upper surface of my lip.  Some of these were removed and biopsied and determined to by fordyce's condition.  Although most of the mouth irritations have abated - I still get an occasional irritation on the roof of my mouth. Is it possible that all the events are related - or do you believe that the fordyces condition is unrelated and another condition (HSV?) is causing the other mouth related soures.  
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The white bumps do indeed sound like Fordyce's condition (oil glands), and the biopsy confirmed that.  As for the sores inside the mouth, most sores inside the cheeks (as opposed to outside on the lip) are not herpes.  Primary herpes is associated with high fever, swollen glands, and other symptoms you don't seem to have had.  In other words, I don't think your symptoms are likely to have been herpes--probably just an unrelated virus.


Dr. Rockoff
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