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My 3 year old's skin rash

My 3 and a half year old son has had a skin rash on his chest now for almost a year. I have seen three doctors who will only tell me to put cortizone creams on it.
The rash has been flesh colored with anywhere from 3 to 6 pus filled blisters at a time. He says it does not itch. Although I do see him playing with them once in a while. Once in a while the rash will clear almost completely only to return again. The flesh colored bumps almost look like a pimple with no red around it. I did at one time scrap one with my fingernail only to leave a little pit in his skin almost like a scar.
In recent weeks he has developed a light red colored rash all around the area. It is very dry at times too. This area is all down the left side of his chest starting under his arm down to his waist.
I did look on the internet and thought he might have molluscum contagiousum (sp??)a form of small pox which it says could last anywhere from 5 weeks to 5 years and is contagious, which is why it probably keeps spreading and not going away.
If you have any idea what this could be I would love to hear it.
If you have any ideas for treatment I would love to hear it too.
Thank you for your time.
We appreciate it
The Frank family
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Your description doesn't remind me of much of anything.  It isn't molluscum, because those don't "clear almost completely" and then come back.  You may be on to something when you say, "Although I do see him playing with them once in a while."  Kids do that pretty often, which can produce bumps and redness.  I doubt there is actual "pus," which would be white.

I assume each doctor you consulted saw only mild irritation, and so prescribed cortisone.  This is not unreasonable.

My advice is to use the cortiosne from time to time to quiet things down, not to worry too much about cause, and to wait from your child to grow out of this, which I think he will.

If the rash stops responding or worsens, show a doctor again.


Dr. Rockoff
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