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My 9-month old has raised scabs on his scalp

Last Monday, I noticed that my 9-month baby boy, Justin, had a small( approx 1/4 inch diameter) raised dry reddish scab on his scalp (back of the head towards the top).  On Wed when it was not better – and was actually oozing a bit, we took him to our GP.  There were 2 more tiny scabs in the vicinity of the first at this point.  He diagnosed an infected hair follicle and recommended a spray disinfectant followed by an antibiotic cream.
By Friday, the original scab was not worse (a bit flatter but not gone) but there was another scab forming on the bottom right back of his scalp.  We then took him to the paediatrician who did not seemed too worried and said to continue with the antibiotic cream (fucidine).
Now Justin has at least 5 different scabs in various stages, including one at the top of his forehead… Three are approx the size of the first scab and the other are smaller.   The tiny ones that initially appeared do not seem to have gotten bigger.
The scabs do not seem to be itching him.   He has no fever or behavioural changes.  However the scabs do not seem to be going away or completely drying up.
I asked the doctor if this could be ringworm but he said that there would be no pus with ringworm.  They are not as dry and flaky as cradle cap, either.
I have an appointment with the paediatrician in 5 days but was wondering if I should take Justin to a dermatologist in the meantime..?  Should I continue to bathe him daily?
Do you have any possible diagnoses?
Thank you

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This sounds like impetigo, a bacterial skin infection common in children.  Your doctors must think so too, since they have prescribed antibiotic creams.  However, sometimes impetigo needs to be treated with a few days of oral antibiotics, and this appears to be the case in your child.  I suggest you contact your pediatrician to explore this possibility, which ought to resolve the problem right away.


Dr. Rockoff
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