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My knees are very dark tell me any cream

My knees are very dark please tell me any cream which i can buy in india plz im going on a vacation with my family
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Are you wanting a cream to lighten your skin?  I'm not sure what you have available- but anything that is marked skin lightening or something like "radiance lightening" would be what you are looking for- do keep in mind that these creams won't always give you the exact results you are hoping for- kinda like wrinkle cream, they don't always work and if they do don't always work for everyone.  
I just want  something to lighten
My keens
Just tell me how can I lighten my knees
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I have a black elbow from always leaning on it and it real dry   I have to use urea cream that's pretty expensive and mine is prescription   so not sure if its otc but its good for dry skin that changes your skin colours but im not sure if it would dye your skin back to original color or not
Can you please tell me the name of cream
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urea cream 40% is the name of prescription kind made by trinity pharm.  never have seen a otc kind of it   the instructions say use 2 times a day and can alternate with a SA based cream  im assuming u can alternate days with it and not all together alternate creams but not sure
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generic for carmol 40 external cream 40%
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