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My legs will NOT stop itching...

I'm 24 years old this month, female, I live on the west coast where it's always mild and cool for the most part, and NOTHING I do will stop my legs from itching. I lived in the midwest for awhile and noticed my legs itched a lot more there with the humidity, but it didn't stop when I moved back home.

It's so bad it wakes me up a lot during the night. I will scratch until I am bleeding and bruised, I'll even take a pumice stone to my legs on really bad days and scratch with that, but then my legs burn for a few days although I'd rather have that pain than annoying itching.

Things that seem to trigger/affect it are showering (particularly hot showers - but i'm allergic to hot water, i get white bumps and red patches from it), sweating, dry weather or humid weather, being cold in the slightest, if my legs rest on top of eachother while i'm laying down, shaving (although sometimes it stops itching for the first day).

I've tried switching soaps, detergents etc all that, I generally avoid any perfumed items. I've tried not shaving, and it makes no difference. After a month of not shaving I was still itchy, just more hairy. Aveeno products seem to be the best for my legs.

Moisturizers seem to actually make it worse for the most part. The only one that seems to help is Cetaphil.

It itches most on the backs of my upper thighs and lower legs but once i start scratching it itches everywhere.

Other issues I have include vitiligo on my legs, pelvis, and lower back, I've been told that is due to the fact that I am iGA deficient, which also causes me to get sick a lot. I am extremely hypermobile and have chronic joint pain. I take medication for anxiety/panic attacks/depression and I have switched meds a few times, no change on the itchy legs with the switching.

Please make the itching stop, I'm going crazy here =(

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anyone? =(
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I am eighteen and have had this same itchy legs curse since i was fourteen... i thought it was due to shaving and somehow spreading bacteria under the skin by razor.  You only need one open wound to start a large infection.  I used tons of lotion and only found them irritating my skin more and i would cry over the self confidence issue.  most people need to find their one solution to their own unique problem... however after years i finally found a solution that worked wonders for me. it came to me on a trip to the Black Sea... i was in the salty water for days at the beach.  After only a week i completely stopped itching and was relived.  until about a month after my return to the States it started again.  instead of the crying (yes its that bad) i fell apon an idea.  I made myself baths with sea salt and and sat for at least thirty minutes in it.  this helped cure so many things like acne, rd bumps, severe itchy legs, and a wart on my foot.

i hoped this helped
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It's eczema, you have to moisturize. Keep from scratching, it only makes it worse. Dead sea salts work. Soak in them every other night.
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You need to find a moisturizer that doesn't bother you. Natural is better. You have sensitive skin, it doesn't like chemicals. Try olive oil, lavender, coconut oil, jojoba oil, cerave, eucerin. watch out for parabens and fragrance.
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i'll try the sea salt baths and i'll look around for a moisturizer with the above, thanks =)
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I have the same sort of condition - itchy shins and calves, with lesser itchy thighs. I don't know about anyone else but the feeling of a hot shower jet directed at my legs is the nicest feeling in the world - though the hot water probably doesn't help the condition overall.

One slightly strange thing though - my condition has been there for a couple of years, but when I was recently in India and Nepal for a month, I had no itching at all. I have no idea why, as I was in a hotter climate, and was trekking for much of that time. I'm wondering if (in my case) it might be detergent or shower-gel related. I'll have to experiment........
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If it has to do with a local allergy - I suggest purchasing some local honey from a farmers market - make sure it was made near where you live - and eat it.  The bee's will have collected from a number of plants, and that will give your body just enough of it to create an antibody to fight any allergy.
If your rash has nothing to do with local plant life - then you are only out the cost of honey - but if it does then that is a pretty cheap and yummy cure.
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I too, have suffered with itchy legs for years.  Some things I have done that help are:
*Use an electric razor. I think the skin was getting irritated by the razors maybe - but the electric razor has helped tremendously.
*I have noticed that when I drink more sodas (I drink diet drinks) and less water, I itch more.  When I drink more water and cut out the sodas, I itch lots less.
*Another thing we learned in (nursing) school was to be sure and moisturize within 3 minutes of getting out of your bath/shower.  This holds the moisture you just put on your skin IN.  Another trick my teacher showed me was to run a little warm water - add lotion to it - the warm water will melt the lotion - then wash off your legs, etc.  I do not use soap on my legs every day - I do this and it really helps.  When I get to itching, I will do this too and sometimes it helps.
*I have also noticed that if I eat a lot of wheat flour, I tend to itch more.  
Hope these help someone - it is miserable!  I usually itch more in the winter, also.
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Dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) is an intensely itchy skin eruption. It usually shows up in young adults, and is more common in men and people originally from some areas of northern Europe. The symptoms are intense burning, stinging and itching around the elbows, knees, scalp, buttocks and back. More locations can also be affected and the severity can vary.

The cause of DH is allergy to gluten, a protein found in wheat and some other grains. Usually allergies, likes hives and hay fever, are made by the body's IgE system. This can be treated with pills and shots. DH is different, and is an allergy of the IgA system. IgA is an antibody produced in the lining of the intestines. The usual allergy treatments are useless.

The rash is caused when gluten in the diet combines with IgA, and together they enter the blood stream and circulate. They eventually clog up the small blood vessels in the skin. This attracts white blood cells (neutrophils), and releases powerful chemicals called complements. They actually create the rash. Iodine is required for the reaction, so people with DH should avoid using Iodized salt.
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so im 19 was in a car crash 2 yrs ago after that at night i kept itchy my legs i have tried everything... i Dont HAVE dry skin water doesnt bother me and my legs are Very smooth... the only thing that helps is a very very hot shower point that i think im burning myself lol please anyone............
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Hello everyone, I have been suffering with the similar condition.
I am a 22 year old male living in Australia.
"The Itch" Only occours on my shins / inner thighs.
Only known triggers thus far are very hot baths / showers and also when I am incredibly hot in my bed.
The only conclusion that I can come up with based on what I have read on this forum and observed myself is that it could be some sort of irritation of skin pigments which would be quite strange since I only itch in these two spots where my body hairs grow quite thick.
I havent found any possible cures, I find that I have to scratch the living **** out of myself (not the the point of bleeding) dry myself down very roughly with a towel and then apply Quarterzone cream. Once the cream is applied and my legs / thighs have cooled down no more itch.
So all in all I guess its temperature triggered, well in my case.
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I like this website and decided to give my feedback after reading so many articles and peoples opinions about this or these conditions over the internet. I was amazed to see how many people are suffering these problems and I hope my advice will give an open door to many. My mother suffered from Itchy legs and arms after showers and at night and when I start having the symptoms I did not want to believe there was not cure and reason for it. I’ve been reading, trying and experiments so many treatments for the last 7 years. The problems were not so strong until I got pregnant with my first baby. Now this is my second pregnancy and during my first, I had hives, itchy, sensitive skin. Nothing helped, but to deliver my baby after 9 months. I am in my second pregnancy and more informed... I changed my diet: reduced fat as much as possible and substituted with DHA (during pregnancy) or fish oil (free of mercury when ).
Three years ago I started the master cleanser every 3 months. I learn about Acid and Alkaline in the body and how amazing was that they were related with my Itchy. I believe the answers is in the liver and yes it gets aggravates with stress, illness, diet, etc. As I advanced in my master cleanser, the problem was gone. I started to juice in the mornings and most times this is my breakfast with amazing the results.

We can go crazy trying to find the reason, the cure but we can understand that we are leaving in a polluted environment and we really don’t know what we are putting in our bodies. The skin is our friend letting us know something is wrong and we need to change it. There are many herbs that can help very much like Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle, Alfalfa, and burdock. I am cured from my Itchiest I have two reasons. The first one God heard my prayer but he gave the healing with knowledge so I can go and help others with the same problems and the second is the discipline to eat healthy…not what many think it is healthy but what it is good for the liver… and fasting, the master cleanser and some of my other advices are some of the ways free of drugs and with permanent results. To add something, I stopped using products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS ) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)., they dry your hair but your skin too. I Sarna lotion and add it to my favorite moisturiser and use it in a daily basis.

This is my best advice. It is working for me! God bless and hope this will help many
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