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Mysterious Toddler Rash

I am at my wits-end, I cannot even imagine how my 18 month old daughter feels.  For 5 weeks we have been dealing with this stange rash that is now covering her lower torse, arms, and legs.  It started out as tiny skin colored raised pimples on her left arm and left leg.  With every week that past, the rash changed and spread.  Five weeks later it is all over her body... red, red patches, welty, itchy, some parts of the rash look like little lines.  
We have seen FIVE doctors with whom have opposite diagnosis:
1.) contact dermititis
2.) eczema
3.) hives and eczema
4.) scabies
5.) allergies- (food allergies came back negative)
6.) and the "I am not sure what this is?"

My husband and I are at a loss.  We even treated her and us for scabies in case that it is, even though the dermatologist ruled that out.  We are scared and overwhelmed and mostly concerned.  My precious daughter is really suffering.

Does anyone have any advice or maybe have had similar experiences?  (for your sakes I hope not).

Thank you so much.
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I would go to the dermatologist and have them do a biopsy on one of her spots...you said she had bumps? then they can take a piece of one of those and see what it is...have you checked out impetigo? My daughter had those they were red bumps but not really a rash...and you said they did allergy tests but don't limit it to just foods. Sometimes it can be from the soap you use ( bubble baths etc ) and the detergent you wash her clothes in ( switch to ALL sensitive and rewash all her clothes and bedding )..i've heard of allergies to red coloring dye in kool aid too....good luck
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Thank you for replying.  When I asked the Derm. about a biopsy- he said it was not a good idea to do one on an 18 month old.  I wash all her items in Dreft... I am actually going to the store tomorrow and getting all Dye free lotions (Aveeno) etc. and seeing if that will work.  I put on some Locoid tonight and saying my prayers that this nightmare for my poor baby ends soon.
Thanks again.
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Have the doctors considered yeast infection?  One of our daughters had a very similar situation happen with numerous peditricians diagnosing it as all kinds of weird stuff - none of which responded to treatment.  It wasn't until I had to go to urgent care and had to bring my daughters with me.  While there I thought I'd pick that doctor's brain in regard to my daughter's rash.  He took one look and knew it was a type of yeast infection - basically, it starts as slight diaper rash but develops into a larger rash that doesn't respond to typical treatment.  She was prescribed econozole - however, many actually get relief from over-the-counter topical creams (apply to the skin where the rash is) for yeast infection.  Perhaps your daughter's doctor, pharmacist, or nurse could advise you over the phone if it's worth trying.
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I cannot confirm anything without examination but the possibility of eczema is high. It is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).Allergic reaction is one of the important causes of eczema. Allergic reaction can occur to strong soaps, Solvents, chemicals, certain foods, food additives, plants, metals, cosmetics, even urine and faeces of some animals (dust mites).

Diagnosis of skin allergies includes Skin ***** tests (pricking the skin with a needle or pin containing a small amount of the allergen ('***** Testing' or 'Scratch Testing'), Patch tests (by applying a patch to the skin, where the patch contains the allergen.)And RAST.

Please discuss this option and these investigations with your dermatologist.
It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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I know this is an old question,  but what was the answer? Going through a similar situation. They did a biopsy on my little guy but they are still unsure. Took blood today. Have another appointment next week
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