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Mysterious bug bites while sleeping

For the past couple weeks, I've woken up to about 3-4 new random bites throughout my body each day. They've appeared on my thighs, buttocks, shoulder, ankles, toes, everywhere but my face. No bed bugs, no new detergent. The bites look smaller and more pinprick than my usual mosquito bites. I have found a couple adult carpet beetles, last week, but none again after a thorough search of my bed. The bites are always isolated in random parts of my body. This morning, for instance, I awoke to one bite on each of my buttocks, one on my big toe, and one on my knee. They are extremely itchy for about a day, and I still have the leftover marks from the very first "bites" I got weeks ago. My two kids (1 and 3) and my husband all sleep in the same bed as me and they have no such bites. We have a cat but he is an indoor cat. I am stumped completely
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There are a few different kinds of bugs that can cause an irritation, aside from bed bugs- carpet beetles included.  I would say that's your culprit. Carpet beetles do not bite, however, hairs on the larvae are irritating to some people (which may explain why you are getting them and your kids/husband are not).  When skin is pressed against the larvae you might get bite-like lesions.  If you eliminate the food source and vacuum regularly, that should help get rid of it.  
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