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Mystery Rash?

I have had this rash that comes up every once in a while for no apparent reason. It is flat, no bumps or sores, but it is kind of scaly and dry. I saw a dermatologist about it and he didn't really know what it was. He treated me with an anti-fungal medication and and medicated shampoo and it helped for a couple of days and then it got substantially worse. I went back to the dermatologist and he said the next time that it was bacterial. He was surprised and confused. He gave me an antibiotic called Minocycline and the rash went away after about a week. I still didn't receive an answer as to what it was though. When the rash flares up, I just take the antibiotics until it goes away and then it stays away for a long time. Does anyone have an idea as to what it might be?
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So this rash keeps coming back? How long has this been going on for? Does it itch and where is it exactly? I think you should get another opinion. I am not a fan of doctors who give medicine without being sure of what the patient has.

In the meantime, if it were me, I would lay off the medication he gave me, since it obviously isn't making it go away permanently and you're only putting more chemicals in your body. I would then try a bath with some epsom or sea salt. Then I would put extra virgin olive oil all over., the greener the oil, the better I know it sounds strange but it is great for the skin and brings inflammation down.

I hope you get well.
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I have tried Epsom salt baths and every kind of oil you can imagine. I was a wrestler so you can imagine that I took skin health very seriously. As far as the rash itself it doesn't really have a pattern of on and off. It will come with varied severity and after I take the antibiotic it will stay away for weeks and sometimes even months. The doctor found evidence of fungal evidence first and then bacterial which stumped him because they won't usually co-exist. He gave me the impression that it was produce by my body. It isn't a terrible problem, but is it possible that my skin could produce this?
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I'm not sure what he means by your body is producing it but yes, bacteria and fungus can coexist from some of the research I have done. Has he performed a test? Also, what parts of the body do you get it on and what parts don't you get it on? Skin rashes are symptoms of an underlying condition, so there could be something else out of balance in your body and your body is responding with a rash. What is the name of the cream he gave you? How long ago did this rash begin and did you go see another dermatologist for a 2nd opinion?
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The rash only appears on my chest, starting on my sternum right at the bottom of my pecks and extends out about my belly button and then to my shoulders. I also get it on my back and it runs down my spine from the middle of my shoulder blades to my tailbone. On the back it only spreads about an inch either side of my spine except for at the top where it covers part of my shoulders. It never, not even in the worst cases, spreads beyond those points. The treatment he gave the first time was just a topical antifungal ointment and I don't remember the name, but like I said that didn't fix it. The second time he prescribed me Minocycline capsules and told me to use an antifungal shampoo as a body wash to keep the fungal part from returning. I took the antibiotics for about 3 weeks and it worked like a charm. The rash stayed away for about 5 months until it came back. I still have some of the capsules and every now and then I have to take them for 4 or 5 days and the rash will go away and stay away for months on end. The rash seems to come back during periods of time where I am very athletically active. It seems that my skin gets dry and flaky and then I will start to notice the rash. I stay hydrated but it happens anyways. I have done some reading about vitamins and it has brought me to wonder, could it be caused by vitamin deficiency? As for having the rash I have had it on and off for about 3 years now. At first I went to 3 different physicians and they all gave me topical ointments of all varieties (antifungal, steroid, antibiotic) and they all had the same effects. The rash would start to go away, but after about a week it randomly would get the worst within a matter of hours. Then I went to the dermatologist and went through the process I described before. By the time I got the rash again, I was unable to get an appointment with another dermatologist before I had to go to college.
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